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  • Digital
    edited by Takashi Sado.
    Screening for factors involved in X chromosome inactivation using haploid ESCs / Asun Monfort, Giulio Di Minin, and Anton Wutz -- Unbiased genetic screen to identify factors involved in X-chromosome inactivation using a pooled bar-coded shRNA library / Benoit Moindrot and Neil Brockdorff -- ChIRP-MS : RNA-directed proteomic discovery / Ci Chu and Howard Y. Chang -- Manipulation of Xist imprinting in mouse preimplantation embryos / Atsushi Fukuda, Akihiro Umezawa, and Hidenori Akutsu-- Somatic cell nuclear transferin mice : basic protocol and its modification for correcting X chromosome inactivation status / Kimiko Inoue, Shogo Matoba, and Atsuo Ogura -- Live imaging of Xist RNA / Osamu Masui, Edith Heard, and Haruhiko Koseki -- Live imaging of X-chromosome inactivation and reactivation kinetics / Shin Kobayashi -- Visualizing the dynamics of inactive X chromosomes in living cells using antibody-based fluorescent probes / Yuko Sato, Timothy J. Stasevich, and Hiroshi Kimura -- Visualization of hidden epitopes at the inactive X chromosome / Emma R. Stewart and Dawn Coverley -- Chromosome spread analyses of meiotic sex chromosome inactivation / Kris G. Alavattam, Hironori Abe, Akihiko Sakashita, and Satoshi H. Namekawa -- Simultaneous RNA-DNA FISH in mouse preimplantation embryos / Aristea Magaraki, Agnese Loda, Joost Gribnau, and Willy M. Baarends -- Combined immunofluorescence, RNA FISH, and DNA FISH in preimplantation mouse embryos / Ikuhiro Okamoto -- RNA-FISH and immunofluorescence of mouse preimplantation and postimplantation embryos / Hirosuke Shiura, Yuka Sakata, Kuniya Abe, and Takashi Sado -- Experimental analysis of imprinted mouse X-chromosome inactivation / Marissa Cloutier, Clair Harris, Srimonta Gayen, Emily Maclary, and Sundeep Kalantry -- X-chromosome inactivation and escape from X inactivation in mouse / Wenxiu Ma, Giancarlo Bonora, Joel B. Berletch, Xinxian Deng, William S. Noble, and Christine M. Disteche -- Practical analysis of Hi-C data : generating A/B compartment profiles / Hisashi Miura, Rawin Poonperm, Saori Takahashi, and Ichiro Hiratani.
    Digital Access Springer 2018
  • Digital
    by Ulrich Speck.
    This open access book is an overview on CT/X-ray contrast media designed for radiologists and other medical specialists who use contrast media in imaging and interventional procedures as well as related scientists on the use and pharmaceutical aspects of X-ray contrast media. The overall goal of this book is to provide a comprehensive overview relevant for the optimal use of x-ray contrast media covering next to the historic development, their structure and properties also practical information for handling of contrast media, and explanation of the relevant risks during use and measures for prevention and treatment of potential side effects.
    Digital Access Springer 2018
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    edited by Raphael R. Alvarado and Maurice J. King.
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    U849 .X8
  • Digital
    Chang-Hwei Chen
    This book provides a comprehensive, organized, and concise overview of Xenobiotic Metabolic Enzymes and their health implications. The subjects addressed are broad in scope with an emphasis on recent advances in research on biochemical and biomedical aspects of these enzymes. The xenobiotics discussed include not just drugs, but also food, smoke, and other environmental chemicals. The subjects covered in this work include: metabolic enzymes and their catalyzed reactions, reactive intermediates generated from metabolic activation, oxidative stress mediated by electrophilic reactive intermediates, bioactivation - mediated cellular and functional damages, activation of Nrf2 - ARE pathway, genetic variations affecting metabolic enzyme expression, enzyme polymorphisms affecting xenobiotic - mediated toxicity, induction of metabolic enzymes for health benefits, and a diversity of metabolic enzyme modulators.
    Digital Access Springer 2020
  • Digital
    edited by Stefan Hoppler, Peter D. Vize.
    Xenopus tropicalis as a model organism for genetics and genomics : past, present, and future / Robert M. Grainger -- Husbandry of Xenopus tropicalis / Alan Jafkins [and others] -- Generating diploid embryos from Xenopus tropicalis / Florencia del Viso and Mustafa Khokha -- Navigating the Xenopus tropicalis genome / Ira L. Blitz -- Genetic analysis of Xenopus tropicalis / Timothy J. Geach, Derek L. Stemple, and Lyle B. Zimmerman -- Forward genetic screens in Xenopus using transposon-mediated insertional mutagenesis / Donald A. Yergeau [and others] -- Targeted gene disruption with engineered zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs) / John J. Young and Richard M. Harland -- Reverse genetic studies using antisense morpholino oligonucleotides / Yanan Zhao, Shoko Ishibashi, and Enrique Amaya -- Chemical genetics and drug discovery in Xenopus / Matthew L. Tomlinson, Adam E. Hendry, and Grant N. Wheeler -- Maternal mRNA knock-down studies : antisense experiments using the host-transfer technique in Xenopus laevis and Xenopus tropicalis / David J. Olson, Alissa M. Hulstrand, and Douglas W. Houston -- Generating transgenic frog embryos by restriction enzyme mediated integration (REMI) / Shoko Ishibashi, Kristen L. Kroll, and Enrique Amaya -- Simple method of transgenesis using I-SceI meganuclease in Xenopus / Shoko Ishibashi, Nick R. Love, and Enrique Amaya -- Using [phi]C31 integrase to mediate insertion of DNA in Xenopus embryos / You E. Li, Bryan G. Allen, and Daniel L. Weeks -- Xenopus transgenics : methods using transposons / Clair M. Kelley [and others] -- Comparative genomics-based identification and analysis of cis-regulatory elements / Hajime Ogino [and others] -- Tet-On binary systems for tissue-specific and inducible transgene expression / Daniel R. Buchholz -- Chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis of Xenopus embryos / Robert C. Akkers, Ulrike G. Jacobi, and Gert Jan C. Veenstra -- Transcriptomics using next generation sequencing technologies / Dasfne Lee-Liu [and others] -- Databases of gene expression in Xenopus development / Michael J. Gilchrist and Nicolas Pollet -- Investigating alternative RNA splicing in Xenopus / Agnes Mereau and Serge Hardy -- Immunoisolation of protein complexes from Xenopus / Frank L. Conlon [and others] -- Complementary proteomic analysis of protein complexes / Todd M. Greco [and others] -- Antibody development and use in chromogenic and fluorescent immunostaining / Eamon Dubaissi [and others] -- Multiple fluorescent in situ mRNA hybridization (FISH) on whole mounts and sections / Robert Lea [and others] -- Methods to analyze microRNA expression and function during Xenopus development / Boyan Bonev and Nancy Papalopulu -- Bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) based protocol for characterizing proliferating progenitors in Xenopus embryos / Hélène Auger [and others] -- Microscopy tools for quantifying developmental dynamics in Xenopus embryos / Sagar D. Joshi, Hye Young Kim, and Lance A. Davidson -- Mathematical modeling of gene regulatory networks in Xenopus development / Yasushi Saka -- Stem-cell-like embryonic explants to study cardiac development / Boni A. Afouda -- Studying regeneration in Xenopus / Caroline W. Beck -- On-line resources for Xenopus / Jeff Bowes.
    Digital Access Springer 2012
  • Digital
    edited by Cristina Costa, Rafael Máñez.
    Xenotransplantation : an overview of the field / Veronica Tisato and Emanuele Cozzi -- Cloning and expression analyses of pig genes / Mireia Uribe-Herranz and Cristina Costa -- Basic analyses of proteins of interest for xenotransplantation / Mireia Uribe-Herranz and Cristina Costa -- Studies on carbohydrate xenoantigens / Dale Christiansen [and others] -- Xenoantibodies and complement activity determinations in pig-to-primate xenotransplantation / Nieves Domenech -- Studies on coagulation incompatibilities for xenotransplantation / Cristiana Bulato, Claudia Radu, and Paolo Simioni -- Cellular studies for in vitro modeling of xenogeneic immune responses / Roberta Sommaggio, Magdiel Perez-Cruz, and Cristina Costa -- Production of transgenic and knockout pigs by somatic cell nuclear transfer / Angelica M. Giraldo, Suyapa Ball, and Kenneth R. Bondioli -- Small animal models of xenotransplantation / Hao Wang -- Heart xenotransplantation in primate models / Johannes Postrach [and others] -- Xenogeneic lung transplantation models / Lars Burdorf, Agnes M. Azimzadeh, and Richard N. Pierson, III -- Thymic transplantation in pig-to-nonhuman primates for the induction of tolerance across xenogeneic barriers / Kazuhiko Yamada and Joseph Scalea -- Isolation of porcine pancreatic islets for xenotransplantation / Karin Ulrichs [and others] -- Pig neural cells derived from foetal mesencephalon as cell source for intracerebral xenotransplantation / Xavier Leveque [and others] -- Hepatocyte xenotransplantation / Katia R.F. Lima-Quaresma [and others] -- In vitro repair model of focal articular cartilage defects in humans / Diaz Prado SM, Fuentes-Boquete IM, and Blanco FJ -- Potential zoonotic infection of porcine endogenous retrovirus in xenotransplantation / Giada Mattiuzzo, Yasuhiro Takeuchi, and Linda Scobie -- Ethical and regulatory issues for clinical trials in xenotransplantation / Jorge Guerra Gonzalez -- Some ethical, social, and legal considerations of xenotransplantation / Maria Jorqui Azofra and Carlos Maria Romeo Casabona.
    Digital Access Springer 2012
  • Digital/Print
    Mimi Kuo-Deemer.
    "For centuries, Chinese leaders and seekers have embraced the art of self-cultivation, xiu yang ("sheow-yaang"). A simple yet powerful principle, xiu yang fosters the capacity to be fully human and awake, finding balance and peace at home and in the community. Author Mimi Kuo-Deemer leads readers through a combination of practices from meditation and mindfulness to yoga and qigong, offering ancient wisdom to help address contemporary challenges"-- Provided by publisher.
    Digital Access 2020
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    edited by Miguel de Lucas (Department of Biosciences, Durham University, Durham, UK), J. Peter Etchells (Department of Biosciences, Durham University, Durham, UK).
    Experimental and theoretical methods to approach the study of vascular patterning in the plant shoot / Norma Fàbregas, Pau Formosa-Jordan, Marta Ibañes, and Ana I. Caño-Delgado -- Strigolactone-mediated stimulation of secondary xylem proliferation in stems / Javier Agustí -- Quick histochemical staining methods to detect cell death in xylem elements of plant tissues / Sacha Escamez, Benjamin Bollhöner, and Hannele Tuominen -- Establishment and utilization of habituated cell suspension cultures for hormone-inducible xylogenesis / Delphine Ménard, Henrik Serk, Raphaël Decou, and Edouard Pesquet -- Tissue culture for xylem differentiation with arabidopsis leaves / Masato Saito, Alif Meem Nurani, Yuki Kondo, and Hiroo Fukuda -- VND6-induced xylem cell differentiation in arabidopsis cell cultures / Yoshihisa Oda -- Live imaging of developing xylem in planta / Raymond Wightman -- Immunolocalization in secondary xylem of Populus / Suzanne Gerttula and Andrew Groover -- Monitoring vascular regeneration and xylem connectivity in Arabidopsis thaliana / Charles W. Melnyk -- Vascular morphodynamics during secondary growth / Pierre Barbier de Reuille and Laura Ragni -- Xylem characterization using improved pseudo-schiff propidium iodide staining of whole mount samples and confocal laser-scanning microscopy / Mario Coiro and Elisabeth Truernit -- Chemical imaging of xylem by raman microspectroscopy / András Gorzsás -- Using CellProfiler to analyze and quantify vascular morphology / Liam Campbell, Manoj Kumar, and Simon Turner -- Lignin analysis by HPLC and FTIR / Jorge Reyes-Rivera and Teresa Terrazas -- Carbohydrate composition analysis in xylem / Baocai Zhang and Yihua Zhou -- Structural analysis of cell wall polysaccharides using PACE / Jennifer C. Mortimer -- Analysis of lignin composition and distribution using fluorescence laser confocal microspectroscopy / Raphaël Decou, Henrik Serk, Delphine Ménard, and Edouard Pesquet -- Topochemical analysis of cell wall components by TOF-SIMS / Dan Aoki and Kazuhiko Fukushima.
    Digital Access Springer 2017

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