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Analysis of costs, risks and benefits (HRP 392)Doug OwensHealth Research and Policy
Applied Biochemistry (BIOC 200)Tina CowanBiochemistry
Applying Contemplative Practices (CHPR 234)Tia RichMedicine
Basic Cardiac Lift Support for HP (EMED 201)Kenton AndersonEmergency Medicine
BioSci: Banking & Finance (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleBanking & Finance
BioSci: Biopharma & Medical Devices (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleBiopharma & Medical Devices
BioSci: Consulting (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleConsulting
BioSci: Education & Academia (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleEducation & Academia
BioSci: Entrepreneurship,Business & Mgmt (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleEntrepreneurship, Business & Management
BioSci: Healthcare (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleHealthcare
BioSci: Law & Technology Transfer (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleLaw & Technology Transfer
BioSci: Media, Government & Nonprofit (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleMedia, Government & Nonprofit
BioSci: Perspectives & References (BioSci's)Stephanie EberlePerspectives & References
BioSci: Professional Development (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleProfessional Development
Biostatistics for the Life Sciences (COMPMED211)Joseph GarnerMedicine
Cancer Genetic Counseling (GENE 281)Kelly OrmondGenetics
Clinical Anatomy (SURG 203)Darren SalmiSurgery
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)Landon BoganSpiritual Care
Diagnostic Imaging for Radiology Res (RAD 500)Payam MassabandRadiology
Embryology (SURG 201)Darren SalmiSurgery
Fellowship in Academic General Pediatric (Res)Janelle AbyPediatrics
Genetic Counseling Seminar (GENE 285)MaryAnn CampionGenetics
The Global Anesthesia Pathway (CA-1/CA-2)Michelle ArteagaDivision of Gloabal Anesthesia
Human Molecular Genetics (GENE 271)A Hanson-KahnGenetics
Instrumentation and Applications (RAD 222)Craig LevinRadiology
Intro to Data Managt & Analysis in SAS (EPI 223)Popat, Rita\ Park, LesleyHealth Research and Policy
Intro to Epidemiologic& Clin Res Methods (EPI 225)Rita PopatHealth Research and Policy
Intro to Probability & STAT for EPI (EPI 259)Kristin SainaniHealth Research and Policy
Introduction to Clinical Genetics Testin (GENE 273)A Hanson-KahnGenetics
Introduction to Medical Genetics (GENE 272) Hudgins, LouanneGenetics
Metabolic Genetic Counseling (GENE 280)A Hanson-KahnGenetics
Molecular Foundations of Medicine (BIOC 205)Gilbert ChuBiochemistry
MSPA Program (MED 223)Cynthia AhrendsenMedicine
Mul-modality molecular imag living sub (BIOE 222)Craig LevinBioengineering
Neurogenetics (GENE 288)Kelly OrmondGenetics
Neurology Core Clerkship (NENS 301A)Veronica SantiniNeurology
OBGYN (Clerkship)Cynthia DeTataObstetrics & Gynecology
Practice of Medicine I (INDE 201)Poonam HosamaniMedicine
Practice of Medicine IV (INDE 204)Jason HomMedicine
Readings in Radiology Research (RAD 101)Roland BammerRadiology
Science of Medicine II (INDE 222)Rebecca Miller-KuhlmannMedicine
Senior Residents Only (RAD 500A)Payam MassabandRadiology
Surgery Core Clerkship (SURG 300 A)Gary RobertsSurgery
Writing compelling fellowships & awards (BIOS242)Crystal BothamBiosciences