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Course Reserves


AAMC Faculty Salary Report (LANE-109)Lane Course Reserves
Biodesign Innovation: Concept Development and Implementation (MED 272B)Lyn Denend, Zachary Edmonds, Josh Makower, Ross VenookMED - Medicine
Breast Imaging (BI-RADS)Steven PoplackRAD - Radiology
Cancer Genetic Counseling (GENE 281)Andrea Hanson-KahnGENE - Genetics
Caritas Coach Education (CCEP)Connie WongNursing - SHC and SCH
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)Jen DillingerSpiritual Care Service
Contemplative Science: The Power of the Pause for Resilience, Relationships, and Resolve (CHPR 233)Tia RichCHPR - Community Health and Prevention Research
Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (EPI 251)V. Henderson, Rita Popat, Yutong LiuEPI - Epidemiology
Developmental Biology (DBIO 210)Alistair BoettigerDBIO - Developmental Biology
Diagnostic Imaging for Radiology Residents (RAD-500)Jason CalcagnoRAD - Radiology
Fellowship in Academic General Pediatrics (PEDS)Janelle AbyPEDS - Pediatrics
General Surgery Residency Program (Scalpel)David SpainSURG - Surgery
Genetic Counseling Research Seminar (GENE 282 B)Hetanshi NaikGENE - Genetics
Genetic Counseling Seminar (GENE-285-01)MaryAnn CampionGENE - Genetics
Internal Medicine Core Clerkship (MED 300A)Nancy D'AmicoMED - Medicine
Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Clinical Research (EPI 258)Kristin Sainani, Junjie LuEPI - Epidemiology
Metabolic Genetic Cournseling (GENE 280)Andrea Hanson-KahnGENE - Genetics
Methods in Community Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (CHPR 247)Michaela KiernanCHPR - Community Health and Prevention Research
Methods in Community Assessment, Evaluation, and Research (MED 247)Michaela KiernanMED - Medicine
Neurogenetics (GENE-288-01)MaryAnn CampionGENE - Genetics
Neurology Core Clerkship (NENS 301A)Melody KingNENS - Neurology
Obstetrics & Gynecology Core Clerkship (OB & GYN)Cynthia DeTataOBGYN - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Physiology of Pregnancy (Humbio 134)Cynthia DeTataOBGYN - Obstetrics & Gynecology
Practice of Medicine III (INDE 203)Poonam HosamaniINDE - Medicine Interdisciplinary
Radiology Clerkship (RAD 301A)Ann VoRADO - Radiation Oncology
Readings in Radiology Research (RAD 101)Scott Atlas, Roland Bammer, Patrick BarnesRAD - Radiology
Reproductive and perinatal Epidemiology (EPI 240)Julia SimardEPI - Epidemiology
Science of Medicine I (INDE 221)Anuj Aggarwal, Daniel Bernstein, Peter KaoINDE - Medicine Interdisciplinary
Surgery Core Clerkship (SURG 300A)Gary RobertsSURG - Surgery
Topics in Neurodiversity: Design Thinking Approaches (PSYC 223B)Lawrence FungPSYC - Psychiatry
Topics in Neurodiversity: Design Thinking Approaches (PSYCH 249B)Lawrence FungPSYCH - Psychology
Understanding the Factors that Lead to Pandemics and Their Impact on spanish and World History (OSPMADRD 26)John BoothroydOSPMADRD - Overseas Studies
Writing Compelling Fellowships and Career Development Awards - Duplicate (BIOS-242-01)Crystal BothamBIOS - Biosciences