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Course Reserves


Advanced Decision science Methods & Mode (MED 263)Jeremy Goldhaber-fiebertMedicine
Advanced Ultrasound Imaging (RAD 235)Dongwoon HyunRadiology
Biodesign Innovation (Med 272A/B)Paul YockMedicine
Biomechanics of Movement (ME 281) (BIOE 281)Scott DelpBioengineering
BioSci: Banking & Finance (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleBanking & Finance
BioSci: Biopharma & Medical Devices (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleBiopharma & Medical Devices
BioSci: Consulting (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleConsulting
BioSci: Education & Academia (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleEducation & Academia
BioSci: Entrepreneurship,Business & Mgmt (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleEntrepreneurship, Business & Management
BioSci: Healthcare (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleHealthcare
BioSci: Law & Technology Transfer (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleLaw & Technology Transfer
BioSci: Media, Government & Nonprofit (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleMedia, Government & Nonprofit
BioSci: Perspectives & References (BioSci's)Stephanie EberlePerspectives & References
BioSci: Professional Development (BioSci's)Stephanie EberleProfessional Development
Breast Imaging Rotation (BI-RADS)Steven PoplackRadiology
Cancer Biology (CBIO 101)Joseph LipsickCancer Biology
Cancer Genetic Counseling (GENE 281)Kelly OrmondGenetics
Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)Landon BoganSpiritual Care
Contemplative Movement & Mindful Activit (CHPR 241)Tia RichMedicine
Diagnostic Imaging for Radiology Res (RAD 500)Payam MassabandRadiology
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (EPI 231)Jason AndrewsHealth Research and Policy
Fellowship in Academic General Pediatric (Res)Janelle AbyPediatrics
Foundations of Cancer Biology/Pathology (INDE 210)Joseph LipsickMedicine
Genetic Counseling Research (GENE 282)Kelly OrmondGenetics
Genetic Counseling Research Seminar (GENE282A/B)Hetanshi NaikGenetics
Genetic Counseling Seminar (GENE 285)MaryAnn CampionGenetics
The Global Anesthesia Pathway (CA-1/CA-2)Michelle ArteagaDivision of Gloabal Anesthesia
Immunology for Medical Students (IMMUNO 205)David LewisImmunology
Intermediate Epide/Clinical Res Methods (EPI 226)Julia SimardEpidemiology & Polulation
Introduction to Imaging and Image-Based (BIOE 220)Kim PaulyBioengineering
Introduction to Psychedelic Medicine (PSYC 215B)Giancarlo GlickDean Office
Introduction to Quantitative Research I (PAS 257)Maria YefimovaNursing
Introduction to Veterinary/Medical Temin (COMPMED114)David Edward BentzelMedicine
Metabolic Genetic Counseling (GENE 280)A Hanson-KahnGenetics
Neurogenetics (GENE 288)Kelly OrmondGenetics
Neurology Core Clerkship (NENS 301A)Veronica SantiniNeurology
OBGYN (Clerkship)Cynthia DeTataObstetrics & Gynecology
Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering (Ortho 270)Constance ChuOrthopaedic Surgery
Palliative Care Clerkship (MED 343 B)VJ PeriyakoilMedicine
Practice of Medicine II (INDE 202)C BraddockMedicine Interdisciplinary
Readings in Radiology Research (RAD 101)Roland BammerRadiology
Science of Medicine III (INDE 223 B)May ChienMedicine Interdisciplinary
Science of Medicine III-A (INDE 223A)Scheherazade LeMedicine Interdisciplinary
Senior Residents Only (RAD 500A)Payam MassabandRadiology
Surgery Core Clerkship (SURG 300 A)Gary RobertsSurgery