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  • Amoeba provide insight into the origin of virulence in pathogenic fungi / Arturo Casadevall -- Of model hosts and man: using Caenorhabditis elegans, Drosophila melanogaster and Galleria mellonella as model hosts for infectious disease research / Justin Glavis-Bloom, Maged Muhammed, and Eleftherios Mylonakis -- Caenorhabditis elegans as an alternative model to study senescence of host defense and the prevention by immunonutrition / Tomomi Komura ... [et al.] -- Bacterial effectors: learning on the fly / Laurent Boyer ... [et al.] -- Drosophilia asthma model: what the fly tells us about inflammatory diseases of the lung / Thomas Roeder ... [et al.] -- Elucidating the in vivo targets of Photorhabdus toxins in real-time using Drosophilia embryos / Isabella Vlisidou, Nicholas Waterfield, and Will Wood -- Ecological niche modeling as a tool for understanding distributions and interactions of vectors, hosts, and etiologic agents of Chagas disease / Jane Costa and A. Townsend Peterson -- Where simplicity meets complexity: Hydra, a model for host-microbe interactions / René Augustin ... [et al.] -- Tick as a model for the study of primitive complement system / Petr Kopacek, Ondrej Hajdusek, and Veronika Buresova -- Model hosts for the study of oral candidiasis / Juliana Campos Junqueira -- Creating a pro-survival and anti-inflammatory phenotype by modulation of acetylation in models of hemorrhagic and septic shock / Yongqing Li and Hasan B. Alam.
  • Receptor binding techniques. 2nd ed. 2005, Springer Protocols
    Receptor databases and computational websites for ligand binding -- Identification of orphan G protein-coupled receptor ligands using FLIPR assays -- Quantitative analysis of orphan G protein-coupled receptor mRNAs by TaqMan real-time PCR: G2A and GPR4 lysophospholipid receptor expression in leukocytes and in a rat myocardial infarction-heart failure model -- mRNA: detection by in situ and northern hybridization -- Radioligand-binding and molecular-imaging techniques for the quantitative analysis of established and emerging orphan receptor systems -- Measurement of radioligand binding by scintillation proximity assay -- Autoradiography of enzymes, second messenger systems, and ion channels -- Immunocytochemical localization of receptors using light and confocal microscopy with application to the phenotypic characterization of knock-out mice -- Live cell imaging of G protein-coupled receptors --Imaging and characterization of radioligands for positron emission tomography using quantitative phosphor imaging autoradiography -- Dynamic in vivo imaging of receptors in small animals using positron emission tomography.
  • Receptor-receptor interactions 2013, ScienceDirect
    This new volume of Methods in Cell Biology looks at receptor-receptor interactions, with sections on allosteric and effector interactions, crystallization and modeling, measuring receptor-receptor interactions and oligomerization in individual classes. With cutting-edge material, this comprehensive collection is intended to guide researchers of receptor-receptor interactions for years to come.
  • Recoding 2010, Springer
    Part I. Redefinition -- 1. Selenocysteine Biosynthesis, Selenoproteins, and Selenoproteomes / Vadim N. Gladyshev and Dolph L. Hatfield -- 2. Reprogramming the Ribosome for Selenoprotein Expression: RNA Elements and Protein Factors / Marla J. Berry and Michael T. Howard -- 3. Translation of UAG as Pyrrolysine / Joseph A. Krzycki -- 4. Specification of Standard Amino Acids by Stop Codons / Olivier Namy and Jean-Pierre Rousset -- 5. Ribosome “Skipping”: “Stop-Carry On” or “StopGo” Translation / Jeremy D. Brown and Martin D. Ryan -- 6. Recoding Therapies for Genetic Diseases / Kim M. Keeling and David M. Bedwell -- Part II. Frameshifting - Redirection of Linear Readout -- 7. Pseudoknot-Dependent Programmed -1 Ribosomal Frameshifting: Structures, Mechanisms and Models / Ian Brierley, Robert J.C. Gilbert, and Simon Pennell -- 8. Programmed -1 Ribosomal Frameshift in the Human Immunodeficiency Virus of Type 1 / Léa Brakier-Gingras and Dominic Dulude -- 9. Ribosomal Frameshifting in Decoding Plant Viral RNAs / W. Allen Miller and David P. Giedroc -- 10. Programmed Frameshifting in Budding Yeast / Philip J. Farabaugh -- 11. Recoding in Bacteriophages / Roger W. Hendrix -- 12. Programmed Ribosomal -1 Frameshifting as a Tradition: The Bacterial Transposable Elements of the IS3 Family / Olivier Fayet and Marie-Françoise Prère -- 13. Autoregulatory Frameshifting in Antizyme Gene Expression Governs Polyamine Levels from Yeast to Mammals / Ivaylo P. Ivanov and Senya Matsufuji -- 14. Sequences Promoting Recoding Are Singular Genomic Elements / Pavel V. Baranov and Olga Gurvich -- 15. Mutants That Affect Recoding / Jonathan D. Dinman and Michael O'Connor -- 16. The E Site and Its Importance for Improving Accuracy and Preventing Frameshifts / Markus Pech, Oliver Vesper, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Daniel N. Wilson, and Knud H. Nierhaus -- Part III. Discontiguity -- 17. Translational Bypassing - Peptidyl-tRNA Re-pairing at Non-overlapping Sites / Norma M. Wills -- 18. trans-Translation / Kenneth C. Keiler and Dennis M. Lee -- Part IV. Transcription Slippage -- 19. Transcript Slippage and Recoding / Michael Anikin, Vadim Molodtsov, Dmitry Temiakov, and William T. McAllister -- Part V. Appendix -- 20. Computational Resources for Studying Recoding / Andrew E. Firth, Michaël Bekaert, and Pavel V. Baranov.
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  • Recombinant gene expression. 2nd ed. 2004, Springer Protocols
    Copy-control tightly regulated expression vectors based on pBAC/oriV / Jadwiga Wild and Waclaw Szybalski -- Cell-free protein synthesis with prokaryotic combined transcription-translation / James R. Swartz, Michael C. Jewett, and Kim A. Woodrow -- Genetic tools for the manipulation of moderately halophilic bacteria of the family Halomonadaceae / Carmen Vargas and Joaquín J. Nieto -- Gene transfer and expression of Recombinant proteins in moderately halophilic bacteria / Amalia S. Afendra ... [et al.] -- Recombinant protein production in antarctic gram-negative bacteria / Angela Duilio, Maria Luisa Tutino, and Gennaro Marino -- Recombinant protein production in yeasts / Danilo Porro and Diethard Mattanovich -- Controlled expression of homologous genes by genomic promoter replacement in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Kevin J. Vestrepen and Johan M. Thevelein -- High-throughput expression in microplate format in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Caterina Holz and Christine Lang -- High-throughput expression in microplate format in Pichia pastoris / Mewes Böttner and Christine Lang -- Multiple gene expression by chromosomal integration and CRE-loxP-mediated marker recycling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Björn Johansson and Bärbel Hahn-Hägerdal --Flp-mediated integration of expression cassettes into FRT-tagged chromosomal loci in mammalian cells / Dagmar Wirth and Hansjörg Hauser -- Generation of high-recombinant protein-producing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells / Jean-Louis Goergen and Lucía Monaco -- Preparation of recombinant proteins in milk / Louis-Marie Houdebine.Host cell compatibility in protein expression / James J. Greene -- Production of Recombinant proteins: challenges and solutions / Laura A. Palomares, Sandino Estrada-Moncada and Octavio T. Ramírez -- Folding promoting agents in Recombinant protein production / Beatrix Fahnert -- Back to basics: pBR322 and protein expression systems in e. coli / Paulina Balbás and Francisco Bolívar -- alpha-complementation enabled T7 expression vectors and their use for the expression of recombinant polypeptides for protein transduction experiments / Mikhail F. Alexeyev ... [et al.] -- Expression of recombinant alkaline phosphatase conjugates in Escherichia coli / Jean-Claude Boulain and Frédéric Ducancel -- Overexpression of chromosomal genes in Escherichia coli / Fernando Valle and Noemí Flores -- Chromosomal expression of foreign and native genes from regulatable promoters in Escherichia coli / Lu Zhou, Ke Zhang, and Barry L. Wanner -- Plasmid vectors for marker-free chromosomal insertion of genetic material in Escherichai coli / Sylvie Le Borgne, Francisco Bolívar, and Guillermo Gosset -- Copy-control pBAC/oriV vectors for genomic cloning / Jadwiga Wild and Waclaw Szybalski --Three decades of fungal transformation: key concepts and applications / Vianey Olmedo-Monfil, Carlos Cortés-Penagos, and Alfredo Herrera-Estrella -- Three decades of fungal transformation: novel technologies / Sergio Casas-Flores, Teresa Rosales-Saavedra, and Alfredo Herrera-Estrella -- Gene transfer and expression in plants / Argelia Lorence and Robert Verpoorte -- Production of Recombinant proteins by hairy roots cultured in plastic sleeve bioreactors / Fabricio Medina-Bolívar and Carole Cramer -- Engineering the chloroplasts genome for hyperexpression of human therapeutic proteins and vaccine antigens / Shashi Kumar and Henry Daniell -- New selection marker for plant transformation / Barbara Leyman ... [et al.] -- Enhancer detection and gene trapping as tools for functional genomics in plants / Gerardo Acosta-García, Daphné Autran, and Jean-Philippe Vielle-Calzada -- Gene transfer and expression in mammalian cell lines and transgenic animals / Félix Recillas-Targa -- Sustained heterologous transgene expression in mammalian and avian cell lines / Héctor Rincón-Arano and Félix Recillas-Targa -- Inducible gene expression in mammalian cells and mice / Wilfried Webber and Martin Fussenegger --
  • Recombinant proteins from plants 2009, Springer Protocols
    From Neanderthal to nanobiotech : from plant potions to pharming with plant factories / Christophe Sourrouille ... [et al.] -- Cowpea mosaic virus-based systems for the expression of antigens and antibodies in plants / Frank Sainsbury, Li Liu, and George P. Lomonossoff -- Transient expression of antibodies in plants using syringe agroinfiltration / Marc-André D'Aoust ... [et al.] -- Rapid system for evaluating bioproduction capacity of complex pharmaceutical proteins in plants / Giuliana Medrano ... [et al.] -- Production and localization of recombinant pharmaceuticals in transgenic seeds / Thomas Rademacher, Elsa Arcalis, and Eva Stoger -- Production of antibody fragments in Arabidopsis seeds / Bart Van Droogenbroeck, Kirsten De Wilde, and Ann Depicker -- Production of plantibodies in Nicotiana plants / Marta Ayala ... [et al.] -- Physcomitrella patens : a non-vascular plant for recombinant protein production / David Liénard and Fabien Nogué -- Production of recombinant proteins in suspension-cultured plant cells / Carole Plasson ... [et al.] -- Chloroplast-derived vaccine antigens and biopharmaceuticals : protocols for expression, purification, or oral delivery and functional evaluation / N. Dolendro Singh, Yi Ding, and Henry Daniell -- Protein body induction : a new tool to produce and recover recombinant proteins in plants / Margarita Torrent, Imma Llop-Tous, and M. Dolors Ludevid -- A case study for plant-made pharmaceuticals comparing different plant expression and production systems / Guy Vancanneyt ... [et al.] -- Glycosylation of antibody therapeutics : optimisation for purpose / Roy Jefferis -- N-glycosylation of plant recombinant pharmaceuticals / Muriel Bardor ... [et al.] -- Companion protease inhibitors to protect recombinant proteins in transgenic plant extracts / Meriem Benchabane ... [et al.] -- Strategies for improving vaccine antigens expression in transgenic plants : fusion to carrier sequences / Jose M. Escribano and Daniel M. Perez-Filgueira -- Immunomodulation of plant function by in vitro selected single-chain Fv intrabodies / Manfred Gahrtz and Udo Conrad -- On-chip detection of low-molecular-weight recombinant proteins in plant crude extracts by SELDI-TOF MS / Amine M. Badri ... [et al.] -- Assessing the risk of undesirable immunogenicity/allergenicity of plant-derived therapeutic proteins / Paul D. Chamberlain -- Biosafety, risk assessment, and regulation of plant-made pharmaceuticals / Penelope A.C. Sparrow and Richard M. Twyman.
  • "Once per life cycle, mitotic nuclear divisions are replaced by meiosis I and II - reducing chromosome number from the diploid level to a haploid genome, reshuffling the homologous chromosomes by their centromeres, and recombining chromosome arms by crossing-over. In animals, including humans, all this happens during the germ cell formation of eggs and sperm. Due to the reign of meiosis, no child is a true genetic copy of either parent. Questions still open primarily concern the placement of and mutual coordination between neighboring crossover events. The current book addresses these processes and mechanisms in multicellular eukaryotes, such as Drosophila, Anibidopsis, mice and humans. The pioneering model systems of yeasts, as well as evolutionary aspects, will be addressed in a forthcoming volume."--Jacket.
  • Once per life cycle, mitotic nuclear divisions are replaced by meiosis I and II - reducing chromosome number from the diploid level to a haploid genome and recombining chromosome arms by crossing-over. In animals, all this happens during formation of eggs and sperm - in yeasts before spore formation. The mechanisms of reciprocal exchange at crossover/chiasma sites are central to mainstream meiosis. To initiate the meiotic exchange of DNA, surgical cuts are made as a form of calculated damage that subsequently is repaired by homologous recombination. These key events are accompanied by ancillar.
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    Classical mendelian genetics -- Genetics and the phage biologists -- The physicist becomes a phage biologist -- To Paris and back -- Teaching and research at Purdue -- Entering the rII region -- Crossing into the fine structure -- Is gene a dirty word? -- The survival of the "gene".
  • section A. Introduction and general context -- section B. Reconstructing and using the tree of life -- section C. Taxonomy and systematics of species rich groups (case studies).
  • Reconstructive Surgery of the Rectum, Anus and Perineum provides the reader with a didactic discussion of complex problems which require re-operative surgery; including details of preoperative investigation, postoperative follow-up and a detailed operative approach. This comprehensive and detailed text uses a formulated algorithm approach to these complicated cases using operative photographs and composite explanatory line drawings which complement 'how-to' guides in describing the operative technical tips and pitfalls from experienced commentators. Reconstructive Surgery of the Rectum, Anus and Perineum, is written by leading world experts in the field of colorectal surgery and is a valuable and timely resource for colorectal surgeons and colorectal trainees alike. In addition, general surgeons will be interested in the specialist nature of dealing with difficult colorectal complications dealt with in this unique textbook.
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  • Rectal cancer 2013, Springer
  • Rectal cancer 2005, Springer
  • Rectal cancer 2010, Springer
  • Rectal cancer treatment 2005, Springer
  • Rectal prolapse 2008, Springer
  • Recurrent hernia 2007, Springer
  • Red blood cell aggregation 2012, CRCnetBASE
  • Red book online HighWire, Latest ed. only
    Red Book Online is the online home of the Report of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases. Offering instant Web-based access, Includes complete text of the Red Book, plus the complete visual library of images from the Visual Red Book on CD-ROM and more.
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    A shocking tour through a macabre global underworld where organs, bones, and live people are bought and sold on the red market. Investigative journalist Scott Carney has spent five years tracing the lucrative and deeply secretive trade in human bodies and body parts. The Red Market reveals the rise, fall, and resurgence of this multibillion-dollar underground trade through history, from early medical study and modern universities to poverty-ravaged Eurasian villages and high-tech Western labs; from body snatchers and surrogate mothers to skeleton dealers and the poor who sell body parts to survive. While local and international law enforcement have cracked down on the market, advances in science have increased the demand for human tissue--ligaments, kidneys, even rented space in women's wombs--leaving little room to consider the ethical dilemmas inherent in the flesh-and-blood trade--From publisher description.
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    What are disabilities? -- Why focus on children with disabilities? -- What are the challenges in delivering health care to children with disabilities? -- Inclusion -- Contribution -- Health -- Focusing health care on function -- Comprehensive integrated care plans -- Family- and person-centered care -- Care coordination / with Alexis Hansen -- Changing professional education -- Research / with Nathan J. Blum -- Public policy.
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  • Redox-mediated signal transduction 2008, Springer Protocols
    The role of redox in signal transduction / John T. Hancock -- The measurement of nitric oxide and its metabolites in biological samples by ozone-based chemiluminescence / Andrew G. Pinder ... [et al.] -- Detection and measurement of reactive oxygen intermediates in mitocondria and cells / Matthew Whiteman ... [et al.] -- Redox-sensitive green fluorescent protein : probes for dynamic intracellular redox responses : a review / Mark B. Cannon and S. James Remington -- Measuring redox changes in vivo in leaves : prospects and technical challenges / Philip M. Mullineaux and Tracy Lawson -- Imaging of intracellular hydrogen peroxide production with hyper upon stimulation of hela cells with Egf / Kseniya N. Markvicheva ... [et al.] -- Tools to investigate ROS sensitive signalling proteins / Radhika Desikan ... [et al.] -- Methods for preparing crystals of reversibly oxidized proteins : crystallization of protein tyrosine phophatase 1b as an example / Annette Salmeen and David Barford -- Methods for the study of redox-mediated changes in p53 structure and function / Kristine Mann -- Redox regulation and trapping sulphenic acid in the peroxide sensitive human mitochondrial branched chain aminotransferase / Susan M. Hutson ... [et al.] -- Detection of carbonylated proteins in 2-D SDS page separations / Rukhsana Sultana ... [et al.] -- Analysis of global and specific changes in the disulfide proteome using redox 2D-PAGE / Robert C. Cumming -- Protein-thiol oxidation from single proteins to proteome-wide analyses / Natacha Le Moan, Frédérique Tacnet, and Michel B. Toledano -- Analysis of redox relationships in the plant cell cycle : determinations of ascorbate, glutathione, and poly (ADPribose) polymerase (PARP) in plant cell cultures / Christine H. Foyer ... [et al.] -- Generation and detection of S-nitrosothiols / Christian Lindermayr, Simone Sell, and Jörg Durner.
  • Reducing salt in foods 2007, CRCnetBASE
    pt. 1. Dietary salt, health and the consumer -- pt. 2. Strategies for salt reduction in food products -- pt. 3. Reducing salt in particular foods.
  • Reelin glycoprotein 2008, Springer
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  • Part 1.Confocal Reflectance Microscopy - the Essentials --The Confocal Story --How Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Works --A Hands-on Guide to Confocal Imaging --Part 2.Normal Skin --Epidermis, Dermis and Epidermal Appendages --Acral Volar Skin, Facial Skin and Mucous Membrane --Part 3.Melanocytic lesions --Semeiology and Pattern Analysis in Melanocytic Lesions --Dermoscopic and Histopathologic Correlations --Part 4.Melanocytic lesions: Nevi --Common Nevi --Atypical/Dysplastic Nevi --Spitz Nevi --In Vivo Confocal Reflectance Microscopy of Congenital Melanocytic Nevi --The Many Faces of Nevi: Blue, "Black" and Recurrent Nevi --Part 5.Melanocytic lesions: Melanoma --Superficial Spreading Melanoma --Melanoma Progression --Nodular Melanoma --Lentigo Maligna --Amelanotic Melanoma --Part 6.Non-melanocytic Skin Lesions --Semiology and Pattern Analysis in Nonmelanocytic Lesions --Dermoscopic and Histopathologic Correlations --Solar Lentigo, Seborrheic Keratosis and Lichen Planus-Like Keratosis --Basal Cell Carcinoma --Actinic Keratosis --Squamous Cell Carcinoma --Cutaneous Lymphoma --Potpourri of Nonmelanocytic Skin Lesions --Part 7.Inflammatory Skin Diseases --The Semiology and Patterns of Inflammatory Skin Conditions --Hyperkeratotic Dermatitis --Spongiotic Dermatitis --Interface Dermatitis --Pigmentary Skin Disorders --Part 8.Monitoring of Skin Lesions and Therapy Control --Follow-up of Nevi --Monitoring of Nonsurgical Treatment of Skin Tumors --Confocal Mosaicing Microscopy in Skin Excisions: Feasibility of Cancer Margin Screening at the Bedside to Guide Mohs Surgery --Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Applications in Cosmetology --Part 9.Future Aspects --Tele-Reflectance Confocal Microscopy --Automated Diagnosis and Reflectance Confocal Microscopy --Experimental Applications and Future Directions --Part 10.Glossary --Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Imaging: A Glossary of Terminology.
  • Refractive lens surgery 2005, Springer
    Ch. 1Crystalline lens as a target for refractive surgery --Ch. 2Refractive lens exchange as a refractive surgery modality --Ch. 3Biometry for refractive lens surgery --Ch. 4Intraocular lens power calculations: correction of defocus --Ch. 5IOL calculations following keratorefractive surgery --Ch. 6Correction of keratometric astigmatism: incisional surgery --Ch. 7STAAR toric IOL --Ch. 8Correction of keratometric astigmatism: AcrySof toric IOL --Ch. 9Wavefront technology of spherical aberration --Ch. 10The Eyeonics Crystalens --Ch. 11Presbyopia - cataract surgery with implantation of the accommodative posterior chamber lens ICU --Ch. 12Synchrony IOL --Ch. 13Sarfarazi elliptical accommodative intraocular lens --Ch. 14AcrySof ReStor pseudo-accommodative IOL --Ch. 15The Tecnis Multifocal IOL --16Blue-light-filtering intraocular lenses --Ch. 17The light-adjustable lens --Ch. 18Injectable polymer --Ch. 19The vision membrane --Ch. 20Bimanual ultrasound phacoemulsification --Ch. 21Low ultrasound microincision cataract surgery --Ch. 22The Infiniti Vision System --Ch. 23The Millenium --Ch. 24The Staar Sonic Wave --Ch. 25AMO Sovereign with WhiteStar Technology --Ch. 26Refractive lens exchange in high myopia: weighing the risks --Ch. 27Conclusion: the future of refractive lens surgery --Subject index.DVD:1.Transition to bimanual phaco --2.Bimanual vertical chop technique #1 --3.Bimanual vertical chop technique #2 --4.VST torn capsule --5.Bimanual post PKP post RK --6.Spinoffs of bimanual technology.
  • Regenerating the heart 2011, Springer
    Inducing embryonic stem cells to become cardiomyocytes / Alexander M. Becker, Michael Rubart, and Loren J. Field -- Regenerating function in vivo with myocytes derived from embryonic stem cells / Priya R. Baraniak and Todd C. McDevitt -- Excitation-contraction coupling, functional properties, and autonomic and hormonal regulation in human embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes / Oshra Sedan and Ofer Binah -- Embryonic stem cell derivatives for cardiac therapy : advantages, limitations, and long-term prospects / Michal Weiler-Sagie and Lior Gepstein -- Methods for differentiation of bone-marrow-derived stem cells into myocytes / Shinji Makino and Keiichi Fukuda -- Homing, survival, and paracrine effects of human mesenchymal stem cells / Sergey Doronin -- Bone marrow cell therapy after myocardial infarction : what have we learned from the clinical trials and where are we going? / Kai C. Wollert -- Evidence for the existence of resident cardiac stem cells / Isotta Chimenti ... [et al.] -- Multiple sources for cardiac stem cells and their cardiogenic potential / Antonio Paolo Beltrami, Daniela Cesselli, and Carlo Alberto Beltrami -- Skeletal muscle stem cells in the spotlight : the satellite cell / Zipora Yablonka-Reuveni and Kenneth Day -- Regenerating mechanical function in vivo with skeletal myoblasts / Todd K. Rosengart and Muath Bishawi -- Methods for inducing pluripotency / Raymond L. Page, Christopher Malcuit, and Tanja Dominko -- Inducible pluripotent stem cells for cardiac regeneration / Naama Zeevi-Levin and Joseph Itskovitz-Eldor -- Induced pluripotent cells for myocardial infarction repair / Timothy J. Nelson and Andre Terzic -- Substrates of cardiac reentrant arrhythmias : the possible role of tissue regeneration and replacement / André G. Kléber -- Integration of stem cells into the cardiac syncytium : formation of gap junctions / Peter R. Brink, Ira S. Cohen, and Richard T. Mathias -- Bradyarrhythmia therapies : the creation of biological pacemakers and restoring atrioventricular node function / Richard B. Robinson -- Tachyarrhythmia therapies : approaches to atrial fibrillation and postinfarction ventricular arrhythmias / J. Kevin Donahue and Kenneth R. Laurita -- Long-term prospects for arrhythmia treatment : advantages and limitations of gene and cell therapies / Michael R. Rosen -- Regenerating blood vessels / Tracy A. Gwyther and Marsha W. Rolle -- Regenerating heart valves / Benedikt Weber and Simon P. Hoerstrup -- Tissue engineering strategies for cardiac regeneration / Amandine F.G. Godier-Furnémont ... [et al.] -- Methods of cell delivery for cardiac repair / Sarah Fernandes and Hans Reinecke -- Tracking of stem cells in vivo / Yingli Fu and Dara L. Kraitchman -- Assessing regional mechanical function after stem cell delivery / Jacques P. Guyette and Glenn R. Gaudette.
  • Frontiers of spinal cord and spine repair : experimental approaches for repair of spinal cord injury / Choya Yoon and Mark H. Tuszynski -- Stem cell based strategies for spinal cord injury repair / Alexa Reeves and Hans S. Keirstead -- Strategies for endogenous spinal cord repair : HPMA hydrogel to recruit migrating endogenous stem cells / Araceli Espinosa-Jeffrey ... [et al.] -- Stem cells and spinal cord injury repair / Soheila Karimi-Abdolrezaee and Eftekhar Eftekharpour -- Chronic pain following spinal cord injury / Radi Masri and Asaf Keller -- Repair of radiation damage and radiation injury to the spinal cord / Timothy E. Schultheiss -- Malignancies of the spinal cord / J. Dawn Waters, Encarnacion Maria Navarro Peran, and Joseph Ciacci -- Molecular basis of intervertebral disc degeneration / Dipika Gopal ... [et al.] -- Bioceramics for osteogenesis, molecular and cellular advances / Hande Demirkiran -- Cell-based therapies for spinal fusion / Ronke Olabisi -- Clinical efficacy of stem cell mediated osteogenesis and bioceramics for bone tissue engineering / Josh Neman ... [et al.] -- Progenitor cells : role and usage in bone tissue engineering approaches for spinal fusion / Lonnissa H. Nguyen ... [et al.].
  • Regenerative medicine 2011, Springer
  • 1. Cell Therapy for Neurodegenerative Disorders / Ilyas Singec -- 2. New Prospects for Neural Stem Cell Therapies of Nervous System Diseases Toward the Establishment of Atypical Ectopic Perivascular Stem Cell Niches / Clara Alfaro-Cervello, Chiara Cossetti, Elena Giusto, Matteo Donegà and Stefano Pluchino -- 3. Cultured Limbal Epithelial Stem Cell Therapy for Ocular Surface Diseases / Hannah J. Levis, Julie T. Daniels and Sajjad Ahmad -- 4. Keratinocyte Stem Cells: Biology and Clinical Applications / Carlo Pincelli and Alessandra Marconi -- 5. Cardiac Regeneration with Stem Cells / Beatriz Pelacho, Manuel Mazo, Sheyla Montori, Ana Maria Simon-Yarza, Juan Jose Gavira, Maria J. Blanco-Prieto and Felipe Prósper -- 6. Development of Biological Approaches to Improve Muscle Healing After Injury and Disease / Jonathan D. Proto and Johnny Huard -- 7 Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Bone and Cartilage Regeneration / Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad, Elham Zomorodian and Fatemeh Bagheri -- 8. Pancreatic Reprogramming / Juan Domínguez-Bendala -- 9. Pancreatic Regeneration in the Face of Diabetes / Zeeshan Ahmad -- 10. Regenerative Therapies for Liver Diseases / Amar Deep Sharma, Ina Rittelmeyer, Tobias Cantz and Michael Ott -- 11. Clinical Studies of Cell Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis / James A. Thomas and Stuart J. Forbes -- 12. Stem Cell Applications for the Treatment of Gastrointestinal System Diseases / Jacobo Trebol Lopez, Tihomir Georgiev-Hristov, Mariano García-Arranz and Damián García-Olmo -- 13. Germ Line Stem Cells: A Promising Alternative Source for Stem-Cell-Based Therapies in Regenerative Medicine / Ellen Goossens and Herman Tournaye -- 14. Cord Blood Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine / David T. Harris.
  • A massive wastage of the global resources -- Placenta as a source of stem cells and as a key organ for fetomaternal tolerance -- Placenta and umbilical cord in traditional Chinese medicine -- Use of umbilical venous blood on assessing the biochemical variations of acid-base, nutritional and metabolic parameters on growth-retarded fetuses, in comparison with gestational control cases: a study -- Umbilical cord blood transfusion and its therapeutic potentialities -- Autologous placental blood transfusion for the therapy of anemic neonates -- Cord blood: a massive waste of a life-saving resource: a perspective on its current and potential uses -- Clinical experience of cord blood autologous transfusion -- Emergency use of human cord blood -- Hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers in trauma care: the US multicenter prehospital trial -- Placental umbilical cord blood as a true blood substitute with an edge -- Implications of feto-maternal cell transfer in normal pregnancy -- Early reports on the prognostic implications and immunotherapeutic potentials of Cd34 rich cord whole blood transfusion in advanced breast cancer with severe anemia -- Anti-inflammatory effects of human cord blood and its potential implications in neurological disorders -- Transforming "waste" into gold: identification of novel stem cells resources with therapeutic potential in neuromuscular disorders -- Human umbilical cord blood cells for stroke -- Placental umbilical cord blood transfusion for stem cell therapy in neurological diseases -- Umbilical cord and its blood: a perspective on its current and potential use in ophthalmology -- Umbilical vein grafts for lower limb revascularization -- Cord blood stem cells in angiogenesis.Endothelial progenitor cells from cord blood: magic bullets against ischemia? -- Therapeutic potential of placental umbilical cord blood in cardiology -- Stem cell therapy for heart failure using cord blood -- Human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells in the treatment of acute myocardial infarction -- Umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells -- Cord blood stem cell expansion ex vivo: current status and future strategies -- Embryonic-like stem cells and the importance of human umbilical cord blood for regenerative medicine -- Use of non-hematopoietic stem cells of fetal origin from cord blood, umbilical cord, and placenta in regeneration medicine -- Animal studies of cord blood and regeneration -- Immune privilege of cord blood -- Combination cellular therapy for regenerative medicine: the stem cell niche -- Use of cord blood in regenerative medicine -- Comparisons between related and unrelated cord blood collection and/or banking for transplantation or research: the UK NHS blood and transplant experience -- Donor and collection-related variables affecting product quality in ex utero cord blood banking -- Cord blood as a source of hematopoietic progenitors for transplantation -- Amniotic fluid and placenta stem cells -- Use of amniotic membrane, amniotic fluid, and placental dressing in advanced burn patients -- Clinical use of amniotic fluid in osteoarthritis: a source of cell therapy -- A study and follow-up (1999-2009) of human fetal neuronal tissue transplants at a heterotopic site outside the brain in cases of advanced idiopathic Parkinsonism -- Ethical issues surrounding umbilical cord blood donation and banking.
  • Chapter 1. Glomerulogenesis and De Novo Nephrogenesis in Medaka Fish: An Evolutionary Approach / Hisashi Hashimoto, Yuko Wakamatsu -- Chapter 2. Renal Organogenesis: Growing a Replacement Kidney In Situ from Transplanted Renal Primordia / Marc R. Hammerman -- Chapter 3. Use of Genetic Mouse Models to Study Kidney Regeneration / Akio Kobayashi, Jeremy S. Duffield -- Chapter 4. Endogenous Anti-inflammatory and Proresolving Lipid Mediators in Renal Disease / Charles N. Serhan, Catherine Godson -- Chapter 5. Tissue Protection and Regeneration Aided by Erythropoietin and Erythropoietin-derived Peptides / Danilo Fliser -- Chapter 6. Mast Cells in Kidney Regeneration / Eric Daugas, Walid Beghdadi, Ulrich Blank -- Chapter 7. Role of Macrophages in Renal Injury, Repair and Regeneration / Vincent Lee, Qi Cao, Yiping Wang, David C.H. Harris -- Chapter 8. T-cell Contribution to Injury and Regenerative Processes in Kidney Diseases: Focus on Regulatory T Cells / Hye Ryoun Jang, Hamid Rabb -- Chapter 9. Mesenchymal Stem Cells / Benjamin D. Humphreys, Joseph V. Bonventre -- Chapter 10. Endothelial Progenitor Cells and the Kidney / Matthieu Monge, Anton Jan van Zonneveld, Ton J. Rabelink -- Chapter 11. Potential of the Side Population in Regenerative Nephrology / M.H. Little, G.A. Challen -- Chapter 12. Very Small Embryonic-like Stem Cells and Their Potential Relevance for Kidney Homeostasis / Dong-Myung Shin, Rui Liu, Przemyslaw Nowacki, Janina Ratajczak, Magda Kucia, Mariusz Z. Ratajczak -- Chapter 13. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells / Kenji Osafune, Shinya Yamanaka -- Chapter 14. Methods of Isolation and Culture of Adult Stem Cells / Lindolfo da Silva Meirelles, Nance Beyer Nardi -- Chapter 15. Stem Cell Niche in the Kidney / Laura Lasagni, Elena Lazzeri, Paola Romagnani -- Chapter 16. Bioartificial Stem Cell Niches: Engineering a Regenerative Microenvironment / Glenn D. Prestwich, Tammer Ghaly, Philip Brudnicki, Brian Ratliff, Michael S. Goligorsky -- Chapter 17. Imaging of Transplanted and Native Stem Cells / Xiang-Yang Zhu, Martin Rodriguez-Porcel, Lilach O. Lerman -- Chapter 18. Stem Cell Injury and Premature Senescence / Michael S. Goligorsky -- Chapter 19. Regeneration and Aging: Regulation by Sirtuins and the NAD+ Salvage Pathway / Nica M. Borradaile, Alanna Watson, J. Geoffrey Pickering -- Chapter 20. Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Organ Repair and Strategies to Optimize their Efficacy / Christodoulos Xinaris, Barbara Imberti, Giuseppe Remuzzi, Marina Morigi -- Chapter 21. Treatment of Acute Kidney Injury with Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Preclinical and Initial Clinical Data / Florian E. Tögel, Christof Westenfelder -- Chapter 22. Clinical Trials in Renal Regenerative Medicine / Maarten B. Rookmaaker, Jaap A. Joles, Marianne C. Verhaar -- Chapter 23. Potential Risks of Stem Cell Therapies / Uta Kunter, Jürgen Floege -- Chapter 24. Tissue Engineering in Urology / Anthony Atala -- Chapter 25. Ethics in Regenerative Medicine / Svetlana Gavrilov, Donald W. Landry -- Chapter 26. Stem Cell Banking / Vicente Mirabet, Pilar Solves.
  • Print Material
    From bioplastics to H. sapiens 2.0 -- -3,800 Myr, Late Hadean : at the inorganic/organic interface -- -3,500 Myr, Archean : reading the most ancient texts and the future of living software -- -500 Myr, Cambrian : the mirror world and the explosion of diversity ; How fast can evolution go and how diverse can it be? -- -360 Myr, Carboniferous : "the best substitute for petroleum is petroleum" -- -60 Myr, Paleocene : emergence of mammalian immune system ; Solving the health care crisis through genome engineering -- -30,000 Yr, Pleistocene Park : engineering extinct genomes -- -10,000 Yr, Neolithic : industrial revolutions ; The agricultural revolution and synthetic genomics ; The BioFab Manifesto -- -100 Yr, Anthropocene : the third industrial revolution ; iGEM -- -1 Yr, Holocene : from personal genomes to immortal human components -- Epigenetic epilogue. +1 Yr, the end of the beginning, transhumanism, and the Panspermia Era : societal risks and countermeasures.
  • Regional cancer therapy 2007, Springer
  • Introduction -- Exploratory and descriptive methods -- Basic statistical methods -- Linear regression -- Predictor selection -- Logistic regression -- Survival analysis -- Repeated measures analysis -- Generalized linear models -- Complex surveys -- Summary.
  • Regression modeling 2009, CRCnetBASE
    Review of fundamental of statistics -- Bivariate linear regression and correlation -- Misspecified disturbance terms -- Nonparametric regression -- Logistic regression -- Bayesian regression -- Robust regression -- Fuzzy regression -- Random coefficients regression -- L1 and q-Quantile regression -- Regression in a spatial domain -- Multiple regression -- Normal correlation models -- Ridge regression -- Indicator variables -- Polynomial model estimation -- Semiparametric regression -- Nonlinear regression -- Issues in time series modeling and estimation.
  • Time series following generalized linear models -- Regression models for binary time series -- Regression models for categorical time series -- Regression models for count time series -- Other models and alternative approaches -- State space models -- Prediction and interpolation -- Appendix: Elements of stationary processes.
  • Print Material
  • Micro mining : computational approaches to miRNA discovery / Adam Grundhoff -- Animal microRNA gene prediction / Ola Snv?e and Pa<U+030a>l St?rom -- A suite of resources for the study of miRNA ontology and function / Praveen Sethupathy, Molly Megraw, and Artemis G. Hatzigeorgiou -- Regulation of translation and mRNA stability by Hfq-binding small RNAs in Escherichia coli / Hiroji Aiba -- Mechanisms by which microRNAs regulate gene expression in animal cells / Yang Yu and Timothy W. Nilsen -- The microRNAs of C. elegans / Mona J. Nolde and Frank J. Slack -- Isolation and characterization of small RNAs in C. elegans / Chisato Ushida and Yusuke Hokii -- MicroRNA tales in fly development / Utpal Bhadra ... [et al.] -- RNA interference and miRNAs in zebrafish / Alex S. Flynt, Elizabeth J. Thatcher, and James G. Patton -- Biogenesis and function of plant microRNAs / Zoltan Havelda -- Endogenous small RNA pathways in Arabidopsis / Manu Agarwal, Julien Curaba, and Xuemei Chen.How to assay miRNA expression : a technology guide / Mirco Castoldi, Vladimir Benes, and Martina U. Muckenthaler -- Methods to quantify microRNA gene expression / Lori A. Neely -- Regulation of alternative splicing by microRNAs / Rajesh K. Gaur -- Recent progress in polymerase II-mediated intronic microRNA expression systems / Shi-Lung Lin and Shao-Yao Ying -- MicroRNA-based RNA polymerase II expression vectors for RNA interference in mammalian cells / Anne B. Vojtek ... [et al.] -- Transgenic RNAi : a fast and low-cost approach to reverse genetics in mammals / Linghua Qiu and Zuoshang Xu -- Symphony of AIDS : an miRNA-based therapy / Yoichi R. Fujii -- MicroRNAs and cancer : connecting the dots / Sumedha D. Jayasena -- Mammalian transcriptional gene silencing by small RNAs / Daniel H. Kim and John J. Rossi -- Regulation of gene expression by RNA mediated transcriptional gene silencing / Kevin V. Morris.
  • Regulation of microRNAs 2011, Springer
    MicroRNA biogenesis and function : an overview / Rene F. Ketting -- Regulation of pri-miRNA processing through Smads / Akiko Hata and Brandi N. Davis -- Stimulation of pri-miR-18a processing by hnRNP A1 / Gracjan Michlewski, Sonia Guil, and Javier F. Cáceres -- KSRP promotes the maturation of a group of miRNA precursors / Michele Trabucchi ... [et al.] -- Hormonal repression of miRNA biosynthesis through a nuclear steroid hormone receptor / Sally Fujiyama-Nakamura, Kaoru Yamagata, and Shigeaki Kato -- Autoregulatory mechanisms controlling the microprocessor / Robinson Triboulet and Richard I. Gregory -- Regulation of pre-miRNA processing / Nicolas J. Lehrbach and Eric A. Miska -- The effect of RNA editing and ADARs on miRNA biogenesis and function / Bret S.E. Heale, Liam P. Keegan, and Mary A. O'Connell -- MiRNAs need a trim regulation of miRNA activity by trim-NHL proteins / F. Gregory Wulczyn ... [et al.] -- Properties of the regulatory RNA-binding protein HuR and its role in controlling miRNA repression / Nicole-Claudia Meisner and Witold Filipowicz -- Turnover of mature miRNAs and siRNAs in plants and algae / Heriberto Cerutti and Fadia Ibrahim -- MicroRNases and the regulated degradation of mature animal miRNAs / Helge Grosshans and Saibal Chatterjee.
  • Regulators of G-protein signaling. Part A-B pt. A-B, 2004., ScienceDirect
    pt. B, 2004 ScienceDirect
  • Regulatory genome 2006, ScienceDirect
  • Print Material
  • Regulatory RNAs 2006, Cold Spring Harb Lab Press
    Mechanism and biology of RNAi -- Genome-wide approaches -- Small RNAs in development -- Telomeres and cancer -- End regulation of transcripts -- RNPs and RNA editing -- Biology of short RNAs -- Control of gene expression by noncoding RNAs -- Heterochromatin -- Quality control, messenger RNA turnover, and translational control.
  • Regulatory RNAs 2012, Springer
    pt. 1. Basics -- pt. 2. Methods -- pt. 3. Applications.
  • "Designed in a concise, easy-to-read style for a wide variety of medical occupations, the Rehab Clinical Pocket Guide is the ideal, handy reference for rehabilitation professionals and other health providers. Divided into four sections that cover inpatient care, clinical strategies, outpatient care, and additional diagnostics and therapeutics, this is the first book of its kind to contain all of the relevant clinical information needed on the rehabilitation unit, including specific admission order sets and topics such as medication dosing, consultant recommendations, specific rehabilitation goals and treatments, and even billing details for various diagnoses. The Rehab Clinical Pocket Guide offers all the clinical material needed to properly treat patients and excel in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation and will prove an indispensable resource for medical students, residents, physicians, therapists and nutritionists."--P. 4 of cover."
  • Rehabilitation outcome measures 2010, ScienceDirect
    Outcome measurement and practice -- International classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF) -- How to choose an outcome measure -- Reliability : error in measurement -- Validity -- Measuring change -- Measuring mobility -- Measuring physical activity -- Measuring fatigue -- Measuring neurological conditions and rehabilitation -- Evaluating satisfaction.
  • Print Material
    Americans with Disabilities Act and accessibility issues (including wheelchair information) -- Musculoskeletal anatomy, orthopedics, and orthopedic therapy -- Neuroanatomy, neurology, and neurologic therapy -- Pulmonary anatomy and pulmonary therapy -- Vascular anatomy, cardiology, and cardiac rehabilitation -- Pediatrics -- Geriatrics -- Measurement, assessment, and outcomes -- Kinesiology and gait -- Prosthetics and orthotics -- Psychology and psychiatry -- Electromagnetic, thermal modalities, and electrotherapy -- Massage and soft tissue techniques -- General medicine (including oncology and AIDS) -- Pharmacology -- Burns -- Reference tables and conversion charts -- Translations : useful expressions.
  • Print Material
  • Print Material
  • Print Material
    Analytic framework / Lu Ann Aday -- Fundamental determinants of population health / Kathryn M. Cardarelli ... [et al.] -- Sustainable development / Sondip K. Mathur, Carl S. Hacker, Lu Ann Aday -- Human development / Barbara J. Low ... [et al.] -- Economic development / Luisa Franzini ... [et al.] -- Community development and public health / Cynthia Warrick ... [et al.] -- Toward a healthy (re)public / Lu Ann Aday ... [et al.].
  • Relaxin and related peptides Lane Catalog record
    Print Material
    Relaxin and related peptides in male reproduction / Alexander I. Agoulnik -- The vascular actions of relaxin / Arundhathi Jeyabalan ... [et al.] -- The effects of relaxin on extracellular matrix remodeling in health and fibrotic disease / Chrishan S. Samuel, Edna D. Lekgabe, and Ishanee Mookerjee -- Relaxin-like ligand receptor systems: are autocrine/paracrine effectors in tumor cells and modulate cancer: progression and tissue invasiveness / Thomas Klonisch ... [et al.] -- Relaxin family peptide and receptor systems in brain: insights from recent anatomical and functional studies / Sherie Ma and Andrew L. Gundlach.The evolution of the relaxin peptide family and their receptors / Tracey N. Wilkinson and Ross A.D. Bathgate -- Relaxin, the relaxin-like factor and their receptors / Christian Schwabe and Erika E. Büllesbach -- Diverse signalling mechanisms used by relaxin in natural cells and tissues: the evolution of a "neohormone" / Richard Ivell, Kee Heng, and Ravinder Anand-Ivell -- Relaxin physiology in the female reproductive tract during pregnancy / Laura J. Parry and Lenka A. Vodstrcil --
  • Introduction -- Adaptation and contraction theory for the synchronization of complex neural networks -- Temporal coding is not only about cooperation, it is also about competition -- Using non-oscillatory dynamics to disambiguate pattern mixtures -- Functional constraints on network topology via generalized sparse -- Evolution of time in neural networks, from the present to the past, and forward to the future -- Synchronization of coupled pulse-type hardware neuron models for CPG model -- A univesal abstract-time platform for real-time neural networks -- Solving complex control tasks via simple rule(s), using chaotic dynamics in a recurrent neural network model -- Time scale analysis of neuronal ensemble data used to feed neural network models -- Simultaneous EEG-fMRI, integrating spatial and temporal resolution -- Erratum to: Time scale analysis of neuronal ensemble data used to feed neural network models.
  • Reliability in cognitive neuroscience 2013, Click LINK above for location/circulation status.
    Print Material
    "Cognitive neuroscientists increasingly claim that brain images generated by new brain imaging technologies reflect, correlate, or represent cognitive processes. In this book, William Uttal warns against these claims, arguing that, despite its utility in anatomic and physiological applications, brain imaging research has not provided consistent evidence for correlation with cognition. Uttal bases his argument on an extensive review of the empirical literature, pointing to variability in data not only among subjects within individual experiments but also in the new meta-analytical approach that pools data from different experiments. This inconsistency of results, he argues, has profound implications for the field, suggesting that cognitive neuroscientists have not yet proven their interpretations of the relation between brain activity captured by macroscopic imaging techniques and cognitive processes; what may have appeared to be correlations may have only been illusions of association. He supports the view that the true correlates are located at a much more microscopic level of analysis: the networks of neurons that make up the brain." -- [Publisher-supplied data]
  • Basic mathematical concepts -- Introduction to reliability technology, human error, and quality -- Medical device safety and quality assurance -- Medical device software quality assurance and risk assessment -- Medical device maintenance and sources for obtaining medical device-related failure data -- Human error in health care -- Health care human error reporting systems and models for predicting human reliability and error in health care -- Patient safety -- Introduction to quality in health care -- Quality methods for use in health care.
  • 1. Introduction -- 2. Pain as a Public Health Challenge -- 3. Care of People with Pain -- 4. Education Challenges -- 5. Research Challenges -- 6. A Blueprint for Transforming Pain Prevention, Care, Education, and Research -- Glossary -- A. Data Sources and Methods -- B. Summary of Written Public Testimony -- C. The Economic Costs of Pain in the United States -- D. Committee and Staff Biographies.
  • Print Material
  • Renal cancer 2013, Springer
  • Renal cancer Springer Protocols
  • Renal cell cancer 2008, Springer
  • Renal cell carcinoma 2012, Springer
    Pt. 1. Biology of renal cell carcinoma -- pt. 2. Current and future molecular targets for RCC.
  • Renal cell carcinoma 2013, Springer
  • Targeted therapy for metastatic renal call carcinoma: overview -- Molecular genetics in inherited renal cell carcinoma: identification of targets in the hereditary syndromes -- Molecular targets in renal tumors: pathologic assessment -- Interferons and interleukin-2: molecular basis of activity and therapeutic results -- The molecular biology of kidney cancer and its clinical translation into treatment strategies -- VEGF: biologic aspects and clinical approaches -- VEGF and PDGF receptors: biologic relevance and clinical approaches to inhibition -- Sunitinib and axitinib in renal cell carcinoma -- Sorafenib in renal cell carcinoma -- Additional tyrosine kinase inhibitors in renal cell carcinoma -- Integrin [alpha]5[beta]1 as a novel therapeutic target in renal cancer -- Carbonic anhydrase IX: biology and clinical approaches -- Monoclonal antibody G250 recognizing carbonic anhydrase IX in renal cell carcinoma: biological and clinical studies -- Chemokines in renal cell carcinoma: implications for tumor angiogenesis and metastasis -- P13K/Akt/mTOR pathway: a growth and proliferation pathway -- EGFR and HER2: relevance in renal cell carcinoma -- Proteasome-NF[kappa]B signaling pathway: relevance in RCC -- The role of hepatocyte growth factor pathway signaling in renal cell carcinoma -- Smac/DIABLO: a proapoptotic molecular target in renal cell cancer -- EphA2: a novel target in renal cell carcinoma -- Restoring host antitumoral immunity: how coregulatory molecules are changing the approach to the management of renal cell carcinoma -- The role of gangliosides in renal cell carcinoma -- Tumour necrosis factor: misnomer and therapeutic target -- Molecular markers for predicting prognosis of renal cell carcinoma -- Adjuvant therapy for renal cell carcinoma: targeted approaches.
  • Introduction / Scott C. Howard, Kevin W. Finkel -- Acute kidney injury in cancer patients / Joseph R. Angelo, Joshua A. Samuels -- Biomarkers in oncology and nephrology / Putao Cen, [et al.] -- Tumor lysis syndrome / Scott C. Howard, Ching-Hon Pui, Raul C. Ribeiro -- Multiple myeloma and kidney disease / Amit Lahoti -- Kidney disease in patients undergoing hematopoietic cell transplantation / Benjamin L. Laskin, Sangeeta R. Hingorani -- Radiation-associated kidney injury / Amber S. Podoll, Mark J. Amsbaugh -- Molecular-targeted therapy for renal cell carcinoma / Robert J. Amato, Mika Stepankiw, Nwabugwu S. Ochuwa -- Renal tumors in children / Kelly L. Vallance, Jeffrey S. Dome -- Renal effects of leukemia and lymphoma / Kevin W. Finkel -- Fluid and electrolyte abnormalities in patients with cancer / Ala Abudayyeh, Maen Abdelrahim, Abdulla Salahudeen -- Infections of the kidney in cancer patients / Brett Stephens -- Drug nephropathies / Ilya G. Glezerman -- Paraneoplastic glomerulopathy / Sheron Latcha, Surya V. Seshan -- Pharmacokinetics of anti-cancer chemotherapy in renal insufficiency and dialysis / William H. Fissell IV, Marc Earl -- Cancer in renal transplant patients / Aleksandra M. De Golovine, Horacio E. Adrogue.
  • Assessment of Renal Function / Mohan Arkanath -- Imaging of Acute Renal Failure - A Problem-Solving Approach for Intensive Care Unit Physicians / Tom Sutherland -- Drug-Induced Renal Injury / Sara Blakeley -- Acute Kidney Injury / Sara Blakeley -- Medical Management of Acute Renal Failure / Nerina Harley -- Acute Renal Failure in the Surgical Patient / Marlies Ostermann -- Rhabdomyolysis and Compartment Syndrome / Laurie Tomlinson and Stephen Holt -- Multisystem Causes of Acute Renal Failure / Tim Leach -- Therapeutic Plasma Exchange / Tim Leach -- Renal Replacement Therapy / John H. Reeves -- Technical Aspects of Renal Replacement Therapy / Sara Blakeley -- End-Stage Renal Disease / Emile Mohammed -- Clinical Hyperkalemia and Hypokalemia / Harn-Yih Ong -- Clinical Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia / Himangsu Gangopadhyay -- Clinical Metabolic Acidosis and Alkalosis / Sara Blakeley.
  • Print Material
    Review of renal physiology -- Regulation of salt and water balance -- Disorders of water balance : hyponatremia, hypernatremia, and polyuria -- Edematous states and the use of diuretics -- Acid-base physiology and metabolic alkalosis -- Metabolic acidosis -- Disorders of potassium balance -- Urinalysis and approach to the patient with renal disease -- Pathogenesis of major glomerular and vascular diseases -- Progression of chronic renal failure -- Acute renal failure -- Signs and symptoms of chronic renal failure -- Tubulointerstitial diseases.
  • Renal pharmacotherapy 2013, Springer
    As the population of patients with acute or chronic kidney disease grows, healthcare professionals need a resource that optimizes drug effectiveness while minimizing potential toxicity. Renal Pharmacotherapy is a comprehensive listing of dosage recommendations for patients with compromised renal function. This up-to-date and evidence-based reference closes several identified knowledge gaps concerning medications eliminated by the kidneys. Conveniently listed alphabetically by generic drug name, each drug has its own face page featuring typical dosing ranges, alternative dosing adjustments by strata of renal function, specific dosing for dialysis and other dosing schemes.This work will satisfy the dosing information needs of busy physicians involved in pharmacotherapy for patients with kidney disease, as well as pharmacists, nurses and students.
  • Print Material
  • Systemic versus local renin angiotensin systems: An overview / W.C. DeMello and R.N. Re -- Clinical import of the local renin angiotensin aldosterone systems / E.D. Frohlich -- Renin, prorenin, and the (pro)renin receptor / G. Nguyen and A. Contrepas -- Local renin angiotensin systems in the cardiovascular system / R.N. Re -- Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system and pathobiology of hypertension / P. Paradis and E.L. Schiffrin -- AT{subscript]1 receptors, angiotensin receptor blockade, and clinical hypertensive disease / R.M. Carey -- Structural and electrophysiological remodeling of the failing heart / W.C. DeMello -- Inhibiting the renin angiotensin aldosterone system in patients with heart failure and myocardial infarction / M.A. Pfeffer -- Left ventricular hypertrophy and treatment with renin angiotensin system inhibition / E.D. Frohlich and J. Díez -- Angiotensin-(1-7), angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, and new components of the renin angiotensin system / A.J. Trask ... [et al.] -- Kinin receptors and ACE inhibitors: An interrelationship / E.G. Erdös, F. Tan and R.A. Skidgel -- Kinins and cardiovascular disease / O.A. Carretero, X.-P. Yang and N.-E. Rhaleb -- CMS and type 2 diabetes mellitus: Bound together by the renin angiotensin aldosterone system / D. Gupta ... [et al.] -- Renin angiotensin aldosterone system and cardiovascular disease / S. Bernard ... [et al.] -- Renin angiotensin system and atherosclerosis / C. Hu and J.L. Mehta -- Renin angiotensin system and aging / L.F. Ferder.
  • Overview of the pancreas -- Physiology of the pancreas -- Common pancreatic disease -- Circulating RAS -- Local RAS -- Pancreatic RAS -- Basic techniques for pancreatic research -- Current research of the RAS in diabetes mellitus -- Current research concerning the RAS in pancreatic stem cells -- Current research of the RAS in pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.
  • Provides tools to assist emergency planners in evaluating the feasibility of, and requirements for, reopening shuttered hospitals in their local communities to expand surge capacity during a mass casualty event
  • Reoperative hand surgery 2012, Springer
  • Reoviruses 2006, Springer
    Attachment and cell entry of mammalian orthoreovirus / K.M. Guglielmi ... [et al.] -- Early steps in rotavirus cell entry / S. Lopez and C.F. Arias -- Early steps in avian reovirus morphogenesis / J. Benavente and J. Martinez-Costas -- Bluetongue virus assembly and morphogenesis / P. Roy and R. Noad -- Reovirus structure and morphogenesis / K.M. Coombs -- Rotavirus genome replication and morphogenesis : role of the viroplasm / J.T. Patton ... [et al.] -- Rotavirus proteins : structure and assembly / J.B. Pesavento ... [et al.] --- Structural studies on orbivirus proteins and particles / D.I. Stuart and J.M. Grimes -- Rotavirus assembly : an alternative model that utilizes and atypical trafficking pathway / S. Chwetzoff and G. Trugnan.
  • Tendon repair and regeneration: an overview / Eric M. Bluman, Scott D. Allen, Paul D. Fadale -- Structure and function of ligaments, tendons, and joint capsule / Frederick H. Silver, Joseph W. Freeman, Gino Bradica -- Tendons of the hand: anatomy, repair, healing, and rehabilitation / Paul C. Stephens ... [et al.] -- Evolution of concepts in flexor tendon surgery of the hand / Randip R. Bindra -- Basic science of the shoulder ligaments / Louis J. Soslowsky and Jeffrey S. Cartmell -- History of cruciate ligaments: development of repair and reconstruction / Jon Karlsson -- Rotator cuff / Richard O. Evans, Peter J. Hughes, David H. Sonnabend -- Frozen shoulder / Peter J. Hughes, Richard O. Evans, Jerome A. Goldberg -- Capsular shrinkage of the shoulder: current clinical status / Andrew L. Wallace -- Biomechanical and clinical evaluation of tendons and ligaments / David Hartright ... [et al.] -- Healing of ligament and tendon to bone / Andreas Weiler, Sven Scheffler, Maria Apreleva -- Artificial ligaments / Andrew A. Amis -- Tendon and ligament fixation to bone / Christopher M. Hill, Yuehuei H. An, Frank A. Young -- Tissue engineering strategies for regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament / Michael G. Dunn -- Gene therapy and ligament healing / Norimasa Nakamura.
  • Reparative medicine 2002, HighWire
    Fulltext BECON
  • Repetitive DNA 2012, Karger
    The Repetitive DNA Content of Eukaryotic Genomes / López-Flores, I.; Garrido-Ramos, M.A. -- Telomere Dynamics in Mammals / Silvestre, D.C.; Londoño-Vallejo, A. -- Drosophila Telomeres: an Example of Co-Evolution with Transposable Elements / Silva-Sousa, R.; López-Panadès, E.; Casacuberta, E. -- The Evolutionary Dynamics of Transposable Elements in Eukaryote Genomes / Tollis, M.; Boissinot, S. -- SINEs as Driving Forces in Genome Evolution / Schmitz, J. -- Unstable Microsatellite Repeats Facilitate Rapid Evolution of Coding and Regulatory Sequences / Jansen, A.; Gemayel, R.; Verstrepen, K.J. -- Satellite DNA Evolution / Plohl, M.; Meštrović, N.; Mravinac, B. -- Satellite DNA-Mediated Effects on Genome Regulation / Pezer, Ž.; Brajković, J.; Feliciello, I.; Ugarković, Đ. -- The Birth-and-Death Evolution of Multigene Families Revisited / Eirín-López, J.M.; Rebordinos, L.; Rooney, A.P.; Rozas, J. -- Chromosomal Distribution and Evolution of Repetitive DNAs in Fish / Cioffi, M.B.; Bertollo, L.A.C..
  • Print Material
  • Replicating vaccines 2011, Springer
    Live vaccines and their role in modern vaccinology / Gordon Dougan, David Goulding, and Lindsay J. Hall -- Live attenuated vaccines : influenza, rotavirus and varicella zoster virus / Harry B. Greenberg and Ann M. Arvin -- Classical live viral vaccines / Thomas P. Monath -- Recombinant live vaccines to protect against the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus / Luis Enjuanes ... [et al.] -- Live-attenuated Shigella vaccines. Is encouraging good enough? / Yves Germani and Philippe J. Sansonetti -- New generation BCG vaccines / Michael V. Tullius and Marcus A. Horwitz -- Basic science paves the way to novel safe and effective pestivirus vaccines / Norbert Tautz and Gregor Meyers -- Live attenuated influenza virus vaccines : NS1 truncation as an approach to virus attenuation / Natalie Pica, Peter Palese, and John Steel -- An attenuated HSV-1 live virus vaccine candidate that is replication competent bu defective in epithelial cell-to-cell and neuronal spread / Elizabeth E. Zumbrun and Harvey M. Frieman -- Live attenuated vaccines for respiratory syncytial virus / Michael N. Teng -- Live attenuated cholera vaccines : flagella and reactogenicity / D. Ewen Cameron and John J. Mekalanos -- Replication-defective herpes simplex virus mutant strains as genital herpes vaccines and vaccine vectors / David M. Knipe -- Nucleic acid-based infections and pseudo-infectious flavivirus vaccines / Justin A. Roby, Roy A. Hall, and Alexander A. Khromykh -- Application of cleavage activation mutants of influenza virus as live vaccines / Juergen Stech and Hans-Dieter Klenk -- Alphavirus particle-based vaccine vectors / Scott J. Balsitis, Clayton W. Beard, and Peter W. Mason -- Recombinant chimeric, live attenuated vaccines against flaviviruses and alphaviruses / Thomas P. Monath.
  • Red Book Online is the online home of the Report of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases. Offering instant Web-based access, Includes complete text of the Red Book, plus the complete visual library of images from the Visual Red Book on CD-ROM and more.

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  • To invoke the bookmarklet on your iPhone, open Safari and tap the "Bookmarks" icon
  • Tap "Bookmarks Bar"
  • Tap "Lane Proxy Bookmarklet"

What is it?

This shortcut (Lane proxy bookmarklet) gives you access to resources licensed by the library even when you're not coming from a Lane or a Stanford IP address.

While we'd like Lane to be your gateway to our licensed content, we recognize that links to books, articles and journals come from a variety of different sources (Google, your email, RSS reader, etc.).

Lane Proxy Bookmarklet in the Bookmarks Bar
Up arrow

When installed, it will look your browser bookmark.

At the page you would like to proxy, click the "Lane Gateway to Licensed Content" to invoke it.

If Lane licenses that content, you'll get access as if you were on campus.

How does it work?

This shortcut (Lane proxy bookmarklet) is a combination of a browser bookmark and a JavaScript application. In other words, it's a bookmark that can be programmed to do things. The Lane proxy bookmarklet simply prepends the Lane proxy URL to the current URL in your browser.

This allows you to view the URL as though you were on campus, giving you access to materials licensed for use by the Stanford academic community.

If you're not authenticated, you'll be prompted for your SUNetID and password.

Don't see the Toolbar, Bookmarks, or Links or Favorites bar?


From the "View" menu, select "Toolbars" & choose "Bookmarks Toolbar"



From the "View" menu, choose "Show Bookmarks Bar"



From the "View" menu, choose "Always Show Bookmarks Bar"


Internet Explorer

IE controller bar
  • Right-click in a clear area near the browser address bar
  • In the menu, check a box next "Links" (IE7) or "Favorites" (IE8, IE9)
  • Managing IE Favorites


This shortcut (Lane proxy bookmarklet) only works with resources Lane has licensed and configured to work with our proxy server.

If invoked on a resource we do not license and/or have not yet configured, you will see an error message:

The Lane proxy server cannot complete your request because this host has not been configured properly.

We make no attempt to configure our proxy server for every resource, only those we license and for which a Stanford IP address grants access.

Drag this button onto your browser toolbar to install.

  • Right click this button
  • Select "Add to Favorites", click "Continue" if you see a security alert
  • In "Create in" menu, select "Links" (IE7) or "Favorites Bar" (IE8, IE9) to install

Drag this button onto Safari Bookmarks bar to install.

There are 120 high level MeSH Subject Headings under which all MeSH terms fall. Choose a subject heading to see the journals Lane offers in that subject area.



New Book

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