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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Left triceps muscle, posteromedial view

Image #96-1

KEYWORDS: Neuralnetwork, Upper arm, Vasculature.

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Left triceps muscle, posteromedial view
The brachial fascia has been removed. The superficial nerves which were shown in the previous view have been retained.
1 . Deltoid muscle
2 . Branch intercostobrachial nerve (displaced upward)
3 . Lateral brachial cutaneous axillary nerve
4 . Posterior brachial cutaneous nerve of radial nerve
5 . IntercostobrachIal nerve
6 . Branches of middle brachial cutaneous nerve
7 . Triceps brachii muscle (long head)
8 . Ulnar nerve
9 . Triceps brachii muscle (medial head)
10 . Upper pointer: Medial intermuscular septum Lower pointer: Brachialis muscle (covered by fascia)
11 . Medial epicondyle of humerus
12 . Infraspinatus fascia
13 . Teres major muscle
14 . Median nerve
15 . Latissimus dorsi muscle
16 . Biceps brachii muscle
17 . Middle antibrachial cutaneous nerve
18 . Basilic vein