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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Right lattisimus dorsi and trapezius muscles, posterior view

Image #92-6

KEYWORDS: Fascia ligaments and tendons, Neuralnetwork, Peripheral nervous system, Shoulder, Vasculature.

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Right lattisimus dorsi and trapezius muscles, posterior view
Superficial nerves and vessels have been preserved to the left of the midline. The deep fascia has been removed on the right side.
1 . Superficial fascia (external layer)
2 . Spinous process thoracic vertebra II
3 . Lateral brachial cutaneous
4 . Posterior brachial cutaneous nerve
5 . Brachial fascia
6 . Cutaneous branch of branch posterior thoracic nerve V
7 . Posterior branch of lateral cutaneous branch of intercostal nerve V
8 . Fascia of latissimus dorsi muscle
9 . Superior cluneal nerves
10 . Trapezius muscle
11 . Acromion of scapula
12 . Deltoid muscle
13 . Infraspinatus fascia
14 . Teres major muscle
15 . Latissimus dorsi muscle
16 . Lumbodorsal fascia
17 . External abdominal oblique muscle
18 . Hiac crest