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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Pectoral region and axilla

Right axillary fascia, inferior aspect

Image #90-1

KEYWORDS: Axilla, Fascia ligaments and tendons, Pectoral region.

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Pectoral region and axilla
Right axillary fascia, inferior aspect
The skin and subcutaneous connective tissue have been removed from the right axilla. The axillary fascia (7) is continuous with the pectoral (1) and brachial fascia (3) and with the fascia which covers the serratus anterior and latissimus dorsi muscles.
1 . Pectoral fascia (pointer on anterior axillary fold, formed by underlying pectoralis major muscle)
2 . Position of brachial artery (covered by brachial fascia)
3 . Brachial fascia
4 . Branch lateral thoracic artery
5 . Breast
6 . Intercostobrachial nerve
7 . Axillary fascia
8 . Posterior axillary fold (formed by latissimus dorsi muscle)
9 . Posterior branch of lateral cutaneous branch of intercostal nerve III
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