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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from its superior aspect

Lateral ventricle

Image #9-3

KEYWORDS: Brain, Telencephalon, Ventricules.

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Exploration of the brain from its superior aspect
Lateral ventricle
A large window has been cut in the corpus callosum to provide a view of the lateral ventricle. The contours and boundaries of the anterior horn, body and atrium of the lateral ventricle are shown in relation to structures seen in earlier stages of the dissection.
1 . Medullary substance of superior frontal gyrus
2 . Cut ends of superior longitudinal fasciculus
3 . Anterior horn lateral ventricle
4 . Temporal part of operculum
5 . Head of caudate nucleus
6 . Insula
7 . Internal capsule emerging to join corona radiate
8 . Caudate nucleus (tail)
9 . Artery of central sulcus
10 . Transverse temporal gyrus
11 . Lamina affixa overlying thalamus
12 . Choroid plexus lying in atrium of lateral ventricle
13 . Cut edge of tapetum
14 . Occipital part radiations of corpus callosum
15 . Angular gyrus (dissected)
16 . Meninges and vessels in depths of parieto-occipital fissure
17 . Lingual gyrus (cut across)
18 . Calcarine fissure
19 . Medullary substance of cuneus
20 . Frontal pole
21 . Longitudinal fissure (cerebral vein displaced downward in this area)
22 . Cingulate gyrus (cut across)
23 . Cut edge of frontal part radiations of corpus callosum
24 . Ventricular surface of rostral corpus callosum
25 . Central sulcus
26 . Position of interventricular foramen (not visible in view)
27 . Anterior thalamic tubercle
28 . Corpus callosum (trunk)
29 . Choroid plexus lateral ventricle
30 . Upper surface of fornix (body)
31 . Cut edge of corpus callosum
32 . Cingulum (cut across)
33 . Superior surface of cerebellum (in transverse cerebral fissure)
34 . Parieto-occipital fissure