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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of head and neck from a posterior approach

Tectorial membrane; atlantooccipital joint

Image #80-3

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Connective tissue, Cervical vertebrae, Fascia and connective tissue.

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Dissection of head and neck from a posterior approach
Tectorial membrane; atlantooccipital joint
More of the occipital bone has been removed and the suboccipital muscles have been almost completely cut away on the left side. The capsule of the left atlantooccipital joint has been opened. Synovial folds extend into the joint cavity (4). The dura mater (15) has been reflected laterally. The part of the posterior longitudinal ligament (18) to the right of the midline has been preserved. On the left side this ligament has been cut away to expose the tectorial membrane (20).
1 . Left pointer: Posterior semicircular canal (opened) Right pointer: Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)
2 . Left pointer: Transverse sinus (sigmoid portion) Right pointer: Internal jugular vein (in jugular foramen)
3 . Condyloid emissary within condyloid canal
4 . Atlanto-occipital articulation
5 . Atlanto-occipital joint capsule
6 . Vertebral artery (cut across)
7 . Posterior arch of atlas
8 . Inferior oblique capitis muscle (cut across)
9 . Posterior vertebral venous plexus
10 . Posterior branch cervical nerve II
11 . Arch of axis
12 . Posterior branch cervical nerve III
13 . Longus capitis muscle
14 . Petrosal part of temporal bone
15 . Dura mater (reflected)
16 . Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)
17 . Vagus nerve (X)
18 . Posterior longitudinal ligament (left half resected, cut end visible at upper pointer)
19 . Roots of hypoglossal nerve (XII)
20 . Tectorial membrane
21 . Roots of cervical nerve II
22 . Splenius capitis muscle
23 . Spinal branch vertebral artery
24 . Semispinalis capitis muscle
25 . Longitudinal vertebral sinus