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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Oral cavity

Roof of oral cavity, inferior view

Image #70-6

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Face, Mouth.

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Oral cavity
Roof of oral cavity, inferior view
The palatine arches (13,14) have been cut across and the tongue, mandible and associated structures have been removed. The left upper lip and buccal wall have been cut away. The teeth are numbered in the drawing in the conventional fashion. The third molar teeth were not present.
1 . Medial incisor
2 . Lateral incisor
3 . Canine
4 . Premolar I
5 . Premolar II
6 . Molar I
7 . Molar II
8 . Upper lip
9 . Angle of mouth
10 . Buccinator muscle (at labial commissure)
11 . Hard palate
12 . Gingiva
13 . Upper pointer: Glossopalatine muscle (cut off) Lower pointer: Palatoglossal arch
14 . Upper pointer: Palatopharyngeal arch Lower pointer: Palatopharyngeal muscle
15 . Incisive papilla
16 . Transverse palatine fold
17 . Palatine raphe
18 . Palatine fovea
19 . Soft palate
20 . Uvula
21 . Palatine tonsil (atrophic)