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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of left infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae

Internal pterygoid muscle, lateral view

Image #65-6

KEYWORDS: Cheek, Face, Mouth, Muscles and tendons, Peripheral nervous system.

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Dissection of left infratemporal and pterygopalatine fossae
Internal pterygoid muscle, lateral view
The pterygoid plexus of veins and origins of the external pterygoid muscle have been removed, and the bony wall of the cranial vault resected. Branches of the mandibular nerve have been exposed in their course through the infratemporal fossa. The maxillary nerve (1) is visible as it passes through the foramen rotundum into the pterygopalatine fossa.
1 . Upper pointer: Maxillary nerve (V) within cavernous sinus Lower pointer: Maxillary nerve (V) within Pterygopalatine fossa
2 . Sphenoid bone (cut across at junction of great wing and body)
3 . Infraorbital artery
4 . Upper pointer: Buccal nerve Lower pointer: External pterygoid nerve
5 . Upper pointer: Deep anterior temporal artery Lower pointer: Internal maxillary artery
6 . Upper pointer: Superior posterior alveolar nerves Lower pointer: Superior posterior alveolar artery
7 . Lateral plate of pterygoid process
8 . Internal maxillary nerve plexus
9 . Upper pointer: Middle meningeal artery Lower pointer: Anterior tympanic artery
10 . Internal pterygoid nerve
11 . Lingual nerve
12 . Internal pterygoid muscle
13 . Buccinator muscle (cut across)
14 . Tongue
15 . Zygomatic process of temporal bone
16 . Articular disc of mandible
17 . Cartilaginous acoustic meatus
18 . Joint capsule of mandible
19 . Upper pointer: Auriculotemporal nerve Lower pointer: Sphenomandibular ligament (cut off)
20 . Facial nerve (VII) at exit from stylomastoid foramen
21 . Mastoid cells
22 . Superficial temporal artery
23 . Digastric branch of facial nerve
24 . Styloid process
25 . Internal maxillary artery
26 . External carotid artery
27 . Posterior belly of digastric muscle
28 . Upper pointer: Inferior alveolar nerve Lower pointer: Mylohyoid nerve
29 . Levator scapulae muscle (cut off)
30 . Internal jugular vein