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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of ear from lateral aspect

Medial wall of left tympanic cavity

Image #60-5

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints, Ear.

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Dissection of ear from lateral aspect
Medial wall of left tympanic cavity
The malleus and incus have been removed and the lateral walls of the auditory tube opened to illustrate structures related to the medial wall (paries labyrinthica) of the tympanic cavity.
1 . Tensor tympani muscle (within semicircular canal)
2 . Major superficial petrosal nerve
3 . Carotid wall (dark color due to blue latex within veins in carotid canal)
4 . Semilunar ganglion
5 . Minor portion trigeminal nerve (V) (cut off)
6 . Bony part auditory tube (isthmus)
7 . Upper pointer: Foramen ovale (opened) Lower pointer: Otic ganglion
8 . Lateral plate (cartilaginous) auditory tube
9 . Mucosa of auditory tube (cut open)
10 . Cartilaginous part auditory tube (opened)
11 . Tendon of origin of Tensor veli palatini muscle
12 . Levator veli palatini muscle
13 . Tegmen tympani
14 . Tympanic antrum
15 . Promontory semicircular canal
16 . Upper pointer: Prominence of facial canal Lower pointer: Cochlearform process (with tendon of tensor tympani muscle cut across)
17 . Upper pointer: Fenestrated vestibular fossa Lower pointer: Capitulum of stapes
18 . Upper pointer: Tendon of stapedius muscle emerging from pyramidal eminence Lower pointer: Tympanic sinus
19 . Upper pointer: Promontory Lower pointer: Fenestrated cochlear fossa
20 . Chorda tympani
21 . Tympanic plexus
22 . Tympanic cells
23 . Facial nerve (VII)
24 . Tubal branch of tympanic plexus
25 . Stylomastoid artery
26 . Styloid process
27 . Internal jugular vein