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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Orbital fascia

Fascia related to left eyeball, anterior view

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KEYWORDS: Cheek, Connective tissue, Eye, Face, Muscles and tendons.

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Orbital fascia
Fascia related to left eyeball, anterior view
The eyelids have been removed, and the bulbar conjunctiva and underlying bulbar fascia have been cut away except for narrow bands (16). The fascia surrounding the extraocular muscles has been cleared of areolar connective tissue and cut away in places to expose the tendons of the rectus muscles and the belly of the inferior oblique muscle. This fascia is attached to the walls of the orbit to form the medial (5) and lateral (18) check ligaments. The part of the fascia which passes beneath the eye and merges with the check ligaments is the suspensory ligament of the eye (Lockwood).
1 . Right pointer: Frontal artery Left pointer: Supratrochlear nerve
2 . Infratrochlear nerve
3 . Upper pointer: Superior oblique muscle (covered by fascia) Lower pointer: Superior oblique muscle (in background)
4 . Middle palpebral artery (cut off)
5 . Medial check ligament
6 . Tendon of medial rectus muscle
7 . Medial palpebral ligament
8 . Lacrimal duct
9 . Upper pointer: Cornea Lower pointer: Sclera
10 . Tendon of inferior rectus muscle
11 . Infraorbital margin
12 . Supraorbital margin
13 . Upper pointer: Fascia above Ievator palpebrae superioris muscle Lower pointer: Aponeurosis of levator palpebrae superioris (cut off)
14 . Upper pointer: Fascia between levator palpebrae superioris and rectus superior muscles Lower pointer: Tendon of superior rectus muscle
15 . Superior tarsalis muscle (muscle of Müller) (cut across)
16 . Upper pointer: Lacrimal gland Lower pointer: Conjunctiva and bulbar fascia
17 . Tendon of lateral rectus muscle
18 . Lateral check ligament (attached to orbital tubercle of zygomatic bone)
19 . Annulus conjunctivae overlapping limbus corneae
20 . Inferior part of muscle fascia which forms suspensory ligament of eye
21 . Inferior oblique muscle