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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of left orbit from an anterior approach

Lacrimal sac; bony nasolacrimal canal opened

Image #53-5

KEYWORDS: Eye, Face.

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Dissection of left orbit from an anterior approach
Lacrimal sac; bony nasolacrimal canal opened
The lacrimal sac (6) has been uncovered by removal of the medial palpebral ligament and reflection of the lacrimal fascia (5). The lacrimal canaliculi converge toward a common opening through the lateral wall of the sac. The bony nasolacrimal canal and nasal fossa have been exposed by grinding away part of the maxilla and nasal bone. The periosteal lining of the nasolacrimal canal is undisturbed. A thin edge of the infraorbital margin remains at 13.
1 . Infratrochlear nerve
2 . Fibers of origin of orbicularis oculi muscle
3 . Nasal bone
4 . Frontal process of maxilla
5 . Lacrimal fascia (cut away)
6 . Lacrimal sac
7 . External nasal branches anterior ethmoidal nerve
8 . Lateral nasal cartilage
9 . Cut edge of maxilla
10 . Periosteum lining nasal fossa
11 . Medial bony wall of nasolacrimal canal
12 . Periosteal lining of nasolacrimal canal
13 . Infraorbital margin
14 . Nasal cavity
15 . Mucosal lining of nasal septum (dissected)
16 . Septal cartilage
17 . Mucosal lining of lateral wall of nose (dissected)
18 . Inferior nasal concha (line of attachment to wall of nasal fossa)
19 . Middle palpebral artery
20 . Superior lacrimal duct (opened)
21 . Lacrimal puncta
22 . Upper pointer: Lacrimal caruncle Lower pointer: Inferior lacrimal duct (opened)
23 . Inferior conjunctival fornix
24 . Inferior oblique muscle
25 . Fascia of inferior oblique muscle
26 . Orbital fat pad
27 . Anterior superior alveolar artery
28 . Infraorbital artery and nerve