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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Superficial nerves and blood vessels of scalp, anterolateral view

Image #51-6

KEYWORDS: Connective tissue, Muscles and tendons, Peripheral nervous system, Scalp, Vasculature.

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Superficial nerves and blood vessels of scalp, anterolateral view
Arteries, veins and nerves which lie in the tela subcutanea have been exposed. Branches of the supraorbital nerve (1) lie mostly beneath the galea aponeurotica and consequently are exposed only near their terminations.
1 . Branches of supraorbital nerve
2 . Superficial temporal vein (posterior branch)
3 . Superficial temporal vein (anterior branch)
4 . Location of temporalis muscle beneath galea aponeurotica and temporal fascia
5 . Frontal branch superficial temporal artery
6 . Parietal branch superficial temporal artery
7 . Auriculotemporal nerve
8 . Superficial temporal artery
9 . Superficial fascia
10 . Galea aponeurotica
11 . Frontalis muscle
12 . Frontal vein
13 . Frontal artery (supraorbital artery faintly visible beneath frontalis muscle in a parallel, more lateral position)
14 . Supraorbital vein
15 . Anastomosis of superficial veins with middle temporal vein
16 . Angular vein
17 . Superior tarsus and orbicularis oculi muscle (cut away)