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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from its basal aspect

Arteries of basal surface of brain

Image #4-4

KEYWORDS: Brain, Peripheral nervous system, Telencephalon, Vasculature.

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Exploration of the brain from its basal aspect
Arteries of basal surface of brain
The vertebral and internal carotid arteries are visible as they reach the basal surface of the brain to enter into the formation of the arterial circle of Willis. A portion of the right temporal lobe has been cut away to reveal the middle cerebral artery with some of its branches deep in the lateral fissure. The optic chiasm is partially removed to display the anterior communicating artery. The internal auditory arteries are not clearly demonstrated in this specimen.
1 . Anterior communicating artery
2 . Anterior cerebral artery
3 . Middle cerebral artery
4 . Internal carotid artery (cut across)
5 . Choroidal artery (anterior)
6 . Posterior communicating artery
7 . Posterior cerebral artery
8 . Superior cerebellar artery (double on right, single vessel on left)
9 . Branch to pons from basilar artery
10 . Basilar artery
11 . Anterior inferior cerebellar artery
12 . Vertebral artery
13 . Anterior spinal artery
14 . Olfactory tract left
15 . Straight gyrus
16 . Optic chiasm and optic tract
17 . Infundibulum and infundibular recess third ventricle
18 . Tuber cinereum
19 . Uncus
20 . Mamillary body
21 . Fissura collateralis
22 . Oculomotor nerve (III)
23 . Arachnoid (in situ)
24 . Cerebral peduncle
25 . Trochlear nerve (IV)
26 . Fusiform gyrus
27 . Trigeminal nerve (V)
28 . Pons
29 . Abducens nerve (VI)
30 . Facial nerve (VII)
31 . Middle cerebellar peduncle
32 . Vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)
33 . Flocculus
34 . Medulla oblongata
35 . Glossopharyngeal nerves (IX) and vagus (X); Choroid plexus fourth ventricle