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Serial transverse sections of the brain stem


Image #30-6

KEYWORDS: Brain, Cerebellum, Midbrain, Pons, Telencephalon.

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Serial transverse sections of the brain stem
At this level and in the remaining views of this series another brain has been substituted for the specimen used thus far. The cut surfaces are unstained, inasmuch as there is sharper contrast between gray and white matter at higher levels of the brain stem and in the region of the basal ganglia.
1 . Lingual gyrus left
2 . Longitudinal fissure (cerebral)
3 . Cerebral aqueduct and brachium conjunctivum (superior cerebellar peduncle)
4 . Lateral lemniscus
5 . Central tegmental tract
6 . Deep pontine fibers
7 . Longitudinal fasciculus
8 . Superficial pontine fibers
9 . Basilar artery
10 . Internal carotid artery left
11 . Olfactory tract
12 . Orbital gyri
13 . Lobule and ala central lobule
14 . Locus caeruleus
15 . Medial longitudinal fasciculus
16 . Medial lemniscus
17 . Brachium pontis (middle cerebellar peduncle)
18 . Fusiform gyrus
19 . Collateral fissure
20 . Trigeminal nerve (V)
21 . Uncus (hippocampal gyrus)
22 . Optic chiasm
23 . Straight gyrus
24 . Temporal pole