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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the meninges and brain in situ

Superior surface of cerebellum

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KEYWORDS: Brain, Cerebellum, Meninges.

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Exploration of the meninges and brain in situ
Superior surface of cerebellum
The left half of the tentorium cerebelli has been removed by cutting it away from the venous sinuses which lie within its attached margins. The superior surface of the cerebellum, still covered by its arachnoid membrane, is brought into view.
1 . Anterior cranial fossa
2 . Temporalis muscle (cut across)
3 . Inferior cerebral vein
4 . Middle meningeal artery (note two accompanying veins)
5 . Middle cranial fossa
6 . Superior petrosal sinus
7 . Petrosal part of temporal bone (covered by dura)
8 . Superior surface of cerebellar hemisphere
9 . Temporal bone (squamous part) (cut across)
10 . Inferior cerebral vein (lateral occipital vein)
11 . Superior cerebellar vein
12 . Transverse sinus
13 . Mastoid emissary
14 . Olfactory tract (cut across)
15 . Anterior commissure
16 . Optic nerve (II) (cut across)
17 . Internal carotid artery left
18 . Cerebral peduncle
19 . Great cerebral vein (of Galen)
20 . Trochlear nerve (IV)
21 . Branch of superior cerebellar artery
22 . Falx cerebri
23 . Superior sagittal sinus
24 . Straight sinus
25 . Spinal medulla