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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

The Surfaces of the cerebellum and brain stem

Lateral aspect

Image #23-4

KEYWORDS: Brain, Cerebellum, Medulla, Pons, Vasculature, Overview.

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The Surfaces of the cerebellum and brain stem
Lateral aspect
The cerebral hemispheres have been cut away. The posterior inferior cerebellar artery on the left arises from the basilar artery instead of the vertebral as is usually the case.
1 . Lentiform nucleus (cut through)
2 . Uncinate fasciculus (cut through)
3 . Cerebral peduncle
4 . Pons
5 . Minor part of trigeminal nerve (V)
6 . Major part of trigeminal nerve (V)
7 . Basilar artery
8 . Abducens nerve (VI)
9 . Anterior inferior cerebellar artery
10 . Posterior inferior cerebellar artery
11 . Hypoglossal nerve (XII)
12 . Pyramid medulla oblongata
13 . Vertebral artery left
14 . Caudate nucleus (tail) (cut through)
15 . Internal capsule
16 . Branch of superior cerebellar artery
17 . Quadrangular lobe of cerebellum
18 . Posterior superior fissure
19 . Brachium pontis (middle cerebellar peduncle)
20 . Superior semilunar lobe (crus I of ansiform lobule)
21 . Horizontal cerebellar sulcus (intercrural sulcus)
22 . Flocculus
23 . Inferior semilunar lobe (crus II ansiform lobule)
24 . Branch of posterior inferior cerebellar artery
25 . Tonsil (ventral paraflocculus)
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