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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column

Thoracic region.

Image #220-5

KEYWORDS: Thoracic region, Vertebral column.

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Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column
Thoracic region.
The specimen shown in the previous view has been turned to expose its left anterolateral aspect in this close-up view of the lower thoracic and upper lumbar part of the spine.
1 . Accessory hemiazygos vein
2 . Azygos vein
3 . Upper pointer: Body of vertebra Th. VIII (pointer on anterior longitudinal ligament) Lower pointer: Intervertebral disc Th. VII-IX
4 . Vein draining body of vertebra
5 . Posterior intercostal arteries IX and X
6 . Greater splanchnic nerve (lower pointer on splanchnic ganglion)
7 . Lesser splanchnic nerve
8 . Least splanchnic it
9 . Diaphragm (cut off)
10 . Lumbar part of diaphragm (upper pointer: left crus; lower pointer: right crus)
11 . Left pointer: Hemiazygos vein Right pointer: Posterior intercostal vein VIII
12 . Rib VIII
13 . Costal pleura
14 . Sympathetic trunk (lower pointer on ganglion of sympathetic trunk)
15 . Rami communicantes
16 . Intercostal nerve XI
17 . Head of rib XII
18 . Subcostal nerve (note large ramus communicans)
19 . Upper pointer: Quadratus lumborum muscle Lower pointer: Psoas major muscle
20 . Ascending lumbar vein
21 . Transverse process of vertebra L. II
22 . Lumbar nerve I (passing downward to join lumbar plexus)