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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column

Thoracic region.

Image #220-4

KEYWORDS: Thoracic region, Vasculature, Vertebral column.

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Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column
Thoracic region.
In this specimen the thoracic viscera have been removed and the azygos system of veins has been dissected to show the relation of its parts to the intercostal arteries and nerves, the sympathetic trunks and the vertebral columns and ribs.
1 . Manubrium of sternum (cut across)
2 . Brachiocephalic veins
3 . Arch of aorta
4 . Superior vena cava
5 . Upper pointer: Trachea Lower pointer: Esophagus
6 . Azygos vein
7 . Costal pleura
8 . Posterior intercostal arteries
9 . Greater splanchnic nerve
10 . Diaphragm
11 . Rib I
12 . Axillary vein
13 . Left subclavian artery
14 . Left superior intercostal vein
15 . Accessory hemiazygos vein
16 . Sympathetic trunk
17 . Hemiazygos vein
18 . Upper pointer: Anterior longitudinal ligament Lower pointer: Intervertebral disc Th. X - XI
19 . Intercostal nerve XI
20 . Rib XII