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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column

Cervical region.

Image #220-1

KEYWORDS: Cervical region, Muscles and tendons, Vertebral column, Overview.

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Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column
Cervical region.
The left half of the head has been previously dissected in connection with the anatomy of the head and neck .In this view, in which the tongue has been removed and the wall of the pharynx has been sectioned close to the midline, the cervical sympathetic trunk and the prevertebral muscles are visible in situ. The prevertebral layer of the cervical fascia has been removed to the left of the midline.
1 . Upper pointer: Rostrum of sphenoid Lower pointer: Nasopharynx
2 . Soft palate (cut in midline)
3 . Palatine tonsil
4 . Uvula
5 . Oropharynx
6 . Geniohyoid muscle
7 . Body hyoid bone (cut in midline)
8 . Thyroid cartilage (cut across)
9 . Anterior scalene muscle
10 . Upper pointer: Vagus nerve (X) Lower pointer: Common carotid artery
11 . Upper pointer: Internal carotid artery (in carotid canal) Lower pointer: Jugular foramen (opened)
12 . Lateral rectus capitis muscle
13 . Longus capitis muscle
14 . Accessory nerve (XI)
15 . Upper pointer: Inferior ganglion vagus nerve (nodose ganglion) Lower pointer: Hypoglossal nerve (XII)
16 . Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)
17 . Superior cervical ganglion
18 . Superior cardiac branch of vagus nerve
19 . Anterior longitudinal ligament
20 . Vagus nerve (X)
21 . Longus colli muscle
22 . Cervical prevertebral fascia
23 . Sympathetic trunk
24 . Epiglottis
25 . Origins of anterior scalene muscle
26 . Cervical nerve VI
27 . Middle scalene muscle
28 . Posterior scalene muscle
29 . Cervical nerve VIII
30 . Stellate ganglion
31 . Costocervical trunk