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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Sagittal sections of right foot

Section through medial part of foot, viewed from lateral side

Image #205-6

KEYWORDS: Foot and toes.

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Sagittal sections of right foot
Section through medial part of foot, viewed from lateral side
The plane of section passes through the calcaneus posteriorly and the shaft of the second metatarsal anteriorly, displaying the medial part of the longitudinal arch of the foot.
1 . Flexor digitorum longus muscle (sectioned nearly longitudinally)
2 . Posterior tibial artery (sectioned longitudinally)
3 . Tibial nerve
4 . Talocrural articulation
5 . Flexor hallucis longus muscle (tendon cut obliquely)
6 . Tendo calcaneus
7 . Tuberosity of calcaneus
8 . Abductor digiti minimi muscle (fibers pass obliquely laterally)
9 . Plantar aponeurosis
10 . Lateral plantar artery
11 . Left pointer: Calcaneocuboid articulation Right pointer: Cuboid bone
12 . Flexor digitorum brevis muscle
13 . Quadratus plantae muscle
14 . Peroneus longus muscle (tendon of insertion, faintly visible)
15 . Oblique head of adductor hallucis muscle
16 . Flexor digitorum longus muscle (tendons distal to attachment of quadratus plantae)
17 . Transverse head of adductor hallucis muscle
18 . Plantar ligament
19 . Tibia
20 . Tibialis anterior muscle (sectioned longitudinally)
21 . Subtalar articulation
22 . Left pointer: Tarsal sinus Right pointer: Neck of talus
23 . Extensor hallucis longus muscle
24 . Left pointer: Head of talus Right pointer: Talocalcaneonavicular articulation
25 . Navicular bone
26 . Lateral cuneiform bone
27 . Intermediate cuneiform bone
28 . Base of 2nd metatarsal bone
29 . Plantar arch
30 . 1st dorsal interosseus muscle (visible both above and below metatarsal)
31 . 2nd dorsal interosseus muscle
32 . 2nd metatarsophalangeal articulations