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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of gluteal region and hip

General view of gluteal muscles

Image #179-3

KEYWORDS: Muscles and tendons.

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Exploration of gluteal region and hip
General view of gluteal muscles
The fascia covering the gluteus maximus muscles has been resected, together with the superficial vessels and nerves of the buttocks. The adipose tissue within the left ischiorectal fossa has been dissected away. The posterior part of the fascia lata has been cut away.
1 . Thoracolumbar fascia (overlying erector spinae muscle)
2 . Lumbar triangle
3 . External oblique muscle
4 . Iliac crest (covered by fascia and periosteum)
5 . Sacral bone (covered by connective tissue)
6 . Gluteus maximus muscle
7 . Upper pointer: Coccyx bone Lower pointer: Ischiorectal fossa
8 . Upper pointer: Adipose body of ischiorectal fossa Lower pointer: Anus
9 . Vastus lateralis muscle
10 . Gluteus medius muscle
11 . Iliotibial tract
12 . Semitendinosus muscle
13 . Biceps femoris muscle
14 . Adductor magnus muscle
15 . Semimembranosus muscle
16 . Gracilis muscle