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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect

Lentiform nucleus

Image #17-7

KEYWORDS: Brain, Telencephalon.

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Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect
Lentiform nucleus
The medial aspect of the lentiform nucleus has been exposed by removal of the anterior half of the internal capsule. A number of small branches of the striate arteries have been preserved in the area of dissection. The lower part of the dissected area is occupied by the globus pallidus (5) and appears fibrous in the view due to the presence of great numbers of myelinated fibers leaving the nucleus to form the ansa and fasciculus lenticularis. Note several small branches of the posterior cerebral artery which enter the lateral geniculate body (16).
1 . Radiation corpus callosum (mostly dissected away)
2 . Superior occipitofrontal fasciculus (note course of fibers toward thalamus)
3 . Broken ends of fibers of frontal part internal capsule
4 . Medial surface of putamen (some capsular fibers remain in place)
5 . Medial surface of globus pallidus
6 . Anterior commissure
7 . Ansa lenticularis
8 . Optic tract
9 . Olfactory tract (in olfactory sulcus)
10 . Inferior temporal gyrus
11 . Lateral ventricle
12 . Stria terminalis
13 . Broken ends of fibers of posterior stalk of thalamus
14 . Internal capsule (cut parallel to fibers)
15 . Internal capsule (cut across)
16 . Lateral geniculate body
17 . Uncus
18 . Posterior cerebral artery