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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Uterus and adnexae

Cavity of uterus; ovary sectioned transversely

Image #164-4

KEYWORDS: Ovary, Uterus, Muscles and tendons.

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Uterus and adnexae
Cavity of uterus; ovary sectioned transversely
The uterine cavity has been opened by means of a T-shaped incision through the anterior wall of the uterus. The right ovary has been sectioned transversely. The sectioned surface of the ovary exhibits a vesicular follicle, a fresh corpus luteum, a regressing corpus luteum and a corpus albicans. The specimen is viewed from in front.
1 . Fundus of uterus
2 . Cavity of uterus
3 . Corpus albicans (sectioned)
4 . Vesicular follicle (unopened)
5 . Corpus luteum (recent)
6 . Corpus luteum (regressing)
7 . Upper pointer: Perimetrium (tunica serosa) Lower pointer: Myometrium (muscular tunic)
8 . Endometrium (mucosal tunic)
9 . Isthmus of uterus
10 . Cervix of uterus (supravaginal part)
11 . Anterior wall of vagina (cut and retracted)
12 . Cervix of uterus (vaginal part)
13 . Opening of uterus (note junction of cervical and vaginal mucosa)
14 . Posterior labium uterine opening
15 . Opening of uterine tube
16 . Left ovary (elevated)
17 . Uterine tube
18 . Ligamentum teres (of uterus)
19 . Broad ligament of uterus