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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect

Lateral ventricle opened further; cingulum exposed

Image #16-4

KEYWORDS: Brain, Cerebellum, Diencephalon, Pons, Telencephalon, Vasculature.

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Exploration of the brain from the medial aspect
Lateral ventricle opened further; cingulum exposed
The body of the fornix has been cut away to expose the upper surface of the thalamus and the choroid plexus in the lateral ventricle. The continuity of choroid plexus from lateral ventricle to third ventricle through the foramen of Monro is now clearly visible. The cingulum has been exposed throughout much of its course by removal of the cortex of the gyrus cinguli. Its passage into the paraolfactory area is demonstrated. The anterior cerebral artery has been divided and its distal portion retracted upward. The pons has been to dissected to demonstrate the course within it of fibers (26) from the cerebral peduncle and to show the position of the brachium conjunctivum (24).
1 . Cingulate sulcus
2 . Pericallosal artery (retracted upward)
3 . Cingulate gyrus
4 . Cingulum
5 . Corpus callosum (trunk)
6 . Choroid plexus lateral ventricle
7 . Head of caudate nucleus
8 . Stria terminalis
9 . Genu corpus callosum
10 . Subcortical fibers of parolfactory area
11 . Anterior commissure (cut across) and tectal part of column of fornix
12 . Anterior cerebral artery (divided)
13 . Optic chiasm
14 . Temporal pole
15 . Anterior tubercle of thalamus
16 . Fornix (crus) (cut across)
17 . Corpus callosum (splenium)
18 . Internal cerebral vein
19 . Mamillothalamic tract
20 . Posterior cerebral artery
21 . Quadrigeminal plate
22 . Cerebellum
23 . Fasciculus retroflexus
24 . Decussation brachium conjuctivum and brachium conjunctivum (superior cerebellar peduncle)
25 . Oculomotor nerve (III)
26 . Longitudinal fasciculus (pyramidal of pons)
27 . Basilar artery