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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of stomach

External muscular layer of gastric wall, anterior aspect

Image #142-3

KEYWORDS: Muscles and tendons, Peripheral nervous system, Stomach, Vasculature.

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Dissection of stomach
External muscular layer of gastric wall, anterior aspect
The peritoneum has been stripped from the anterior surface of the stomach to display the longitudinally arranged external layer of muscle. This layer is so compact in the region of the pyloric antrum, pyloric canal and pylorus that the direction of its component fibres cannot be easily discerned. Elsewhere, the muscle is formed into coarser fascicles which are clearly visible. The short, cut ends of arteries which protrude from the gastric wall may be identified by reference to the two preceding views.
1 . Diaphragm
2 . Cardiac notch
3 . Margin of esophageal hiatus
4 . Abdominal part of esophagus
5 . Esophageal branch of left gastric artery
6 . Left crus of diaphragm (in background)
7 . Accessory hepatic artery
8 . Hepatic vein
9 . Perivascular fibrous capsule (Glisson's capsule, enclosing branches of portal vein, hepatic artery and bile duct)
10 . Hepatic plexus
11 . Upper pointer: Left gastric vein (cut off) Lower pointer: Pancreas
12 . Celiac lymph node
13 . Upper pointer: Common bile duct Lower pointer: Portal vein
14 . Proper hepatic artery
15 . Gastroduodenal artery
16 . Right pointer: Pyloric canal Left pointer: Pylorus
17 . Duodenum
18 . Fundus of stomach
19 . Cardiac part of stomach
20 . Spleen
21 . Major curvature of stomach
22 . Anterior wall of stomach (note longitudinal muscle layer of stomach)
23 . Left gastric artery
24 . Lesser curvature of stomach
25 . Incisura angularis
26 . Tail of pancreas
27 . Antrum pyloricum