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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of mediastinum and paravertebral structures

Superior mediastinum.

Image #127-4

KEYWORDS: Left lung, Lung, Mediastinum, Pericardial sac, Peripheral nervous system, Vasculature.

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Dissection of mediastinum and paravertebral structures
Superior mediastinum.
The lymph nodes and vessels which were shown in the previous view have been removed from the dissection.
1 . Vagus nerve right
2 . Inferior cervical cardiac vein
3 . Inferior cardiac branch of vagus nerve
4 . Right brachiocephalic vein
5 . Brachiocephalic trunk
6 . Posterior mediastinal lymph node
7 . Filaments of cardiac plexus (two pointers encompass plexus)
8 . Superior vena cava (cut across)
9 . Right coronary artery (cut off)
10 . Right superior pulmonary vein (at entrance into left atrium)
11 . Left pointer: Trachea Right pointer: Esophagus
12 . Stellate ganglion
13 . Middle cervical cardiac nerve
14 . Thoracic duct (cut off)
15 . Superior cardiac branch vagus nerve
16 . Vagus nerve left
17 . Left subclavian artery
18 . Recurrent laryngeal nerve
19 . Pericardium
20 . Pulmonary trunk
21 . Cardiac ganglion
22 . Left coronary artery
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