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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Detailed dissection of heart

Interior of right and left ventricles, anterior view

Image #122-4

KEYWORDS: Heart, Right heart.

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Detailed dissection of heart
Interior of right and left ventricles, anterior view
Two incisions have been made in this specimen. The initial cut through the anterior wall of the heart has opened the right ventricle and conus arteriosus and has produced a large flap (3) which is retracted. The second cut (10) has been made through the interventricular septum and has been extended upwards to include the anterior wall of the aorta. The septum has been retracted to expose the interior of the left ventricle (17).
1 . Superior vena cava
2 . Fat in coronary sulcus (sectioned)
3 . Flap of anterior wall of right ventricle (retracted)
4 . Anterior cusp tricuspid valve
5 . Right atrioventricular opening
6 . Septal (medial) cusp of tricuspid valve
7 . Anterior papillary muscle
8 . Posterior cusp tricuspid valve
9 . Right ventricle
10 . Interventricular septum (cut through)
11 . Pulmonary trunk
12 . Ascending aorta (opened)
13 . Aortic valve
14 . Valve of pulmonary trunk
15 . Conus arteriosus (interior)
16 . Anterior cusp of mitral valve
17 . Left ventricle left
18 . Papillary muscles
19 . Position of anterior interventricular sulcus
20 . Left ventricle (external surface)