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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Detailed dissection of heart

Interior of right ventricle, anterior view

Image #121-4

KEYWORDS: Heart, Right heart.

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Detailed dissection of heart
Interior of right ventricle, anterior view
The right ventricle, conus arteriosus and pulmonary trunk have been opened. The part of the ventricular wall which gives attachment to the anterior papillary muscle (7) has been reflected. The right atrium remains open from a previous dissection.
1 . Ascending aorta
2 . Superior vena cava
3 . Right auricle
4 . Right atrium (opened)
5 . Anterior cusp tricuspid valve
6 . Right atrioventricular opening
7 . Anterior papillary muscle
8 . Trabeculae carnae
9 . Posterior cusp tricuspid valve
10 . Septal (medial) cusp of tricuspid valve
11 . Cut edge of myocardium of right ventricle
12 . Pulmonary trunk
13 . Right semilunar cusp
14 . Semilunar valves
15 . Valve of left pulmonary trunk Anterior semilunar cusp
16 . Conus arteriosus (cut margins retracted)
17 . Supraventricular crest
18 . Septal papillary muscle
19 . Chordae tendineae
20 . Septomarginal trabecula (moderator band)
21 . Position of anterior interventricular sulcus
22 . Left ventricle