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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of pericardium and heart in situ

Heart and great vessels

Image #117-1

KEYWORDS: Heart, Left heart, Pericardial sac, Right heart, Vasculature.

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Dissection of pericardium and heart in situ
Heart and great vessels
The thymus has been removed and structures deeper in the superior mediastinal region have been freed of their connective tissue coverings. The pericardial sac has been opened more widely.
1 . Middle scalene muscle
2 . Thyrocervical trunk
3 . Vagus nerve right
4 . Superior cardiac branch vagus nerve
5 . Brachiocephalic trunk
6 . Upper pointer: Left brachiocephalic vein Lower pointer: Right internal thoracic vein (cut off)
7 . Phrenic nerve
8 . Superior vena cava
9 . Pericardium (reflected)
10 . Right auricle
11 . Right ventricle
12 . Pericardium
13 . Body of sternum (cut across)
14 . Trachea
15 . Common carotid artery
16 . Inferior thyroid vein (cut off)
17 . Upper pointer: Internal thoracic vein Lower pointer: Internal thoracic artery
18 . Thymic vein
19 . Ascending aorta (covered by serous layer of pericardium)
20 . Pericardiacophrenic vein
21 . Conus arteriosus
22 . Left ventricle
23 . Apex of heart