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Joints of right wrist and hand

Articular cavities, anterior view

Image #110-6

KEYWORDS: Fascia ligaments and tendons, Hand and fingers, Muscles and tendons, Wrist.

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Joints of right wrist and hand
Articular cavities, anterior view
The volar ligaments have been removed and the articular capsules have been incised to allow the carpal and metacarpal bones to be pulled apart. The interosseous ligament between the hamate and capitate has been cut. The interosseous ligaments of the bases of the metacarpals have also been incised.
1 . Palmar metacarpal ligaments
2 . Intermetacarpal joint
3 . Hamulus of hamate bone
4 . Interosseous intercarpal ligament
5 . Hamate bone
6 . Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle (tendon of insertion)
7 . Synovial fold
8 . Joint capsule of pisiform bone
9 . Joint of pisiform bone (cavity extends proximally nearly to articular disc, 13)
10 . Pisiform bone
11 . Intercarpal joint
12 . Triquetral bone
13 . Distal radioulnar articular disc (partially removed)
14 . Head of ulna
15 . Metacarpal II
16 . Metacarpophalangeal joints
17 . Flexor carpi radialis muscle (insertion)
18 . Trapezoid bone
19 . Metacarpotrapezial joint
20 . Tubercle of trapezium bone
21 . Trapezium bone
22 . Capitate bone
23 . Scaphoid bone (pointer on tubercle)
24 . Lunate bone
25 . Radiocarpal joint
26 . Radius
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