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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Volar aspect of right hand

Thenar muscles; deep volar arch; deep branch of ulnar nerve

Image #104-5

KEYWORDS: Fascia ligaments and tendons, Hand and fingers, Neuralnetwork, Vasculature.

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Volar aspect of right hand
Thenar muscles; deep volar arch; deep branch of ulnar nerve
The volar interosseous fascia has been partially cut away.
1 . Tendon of digital sheath II
2 . Deep transverse metacarpal ligament
3 . Muscular branch of ulnar nerve (to lumbrical muscle II)
4 . Lumbrical muscle II
5 . Anterior interosseous fascia (partially resected)
6 . Lumbrical muscle III
7 . Lumbrical muscle IV
8 . Lumbrical muscle I
9 . Flexor pollicis longus muscle (tendon of insertion)
10 . Dorsal interosseous muscle I
11 . Abductor pollicis brevis muscle (insertion)
12 . Flexor pollicis brevis muscle (area of insertion of superficial head)
13 . Adductor pollicis muscle (transverse head)
14 . Opponens pollicis muscle
15 . Flexor pollicis brevis muscle (deep head)
16 . Adductor pollicis muscle (oblique head)
17 . Metacarpotrapezial joint capsule
18 . Transverse carpal ligament
19 . Volar carpal rete
20 . Superficial anterior branch radial artery
21 . Ulnar artery
22 . Muscular branch ulnar artery (in position usually occupied by deep anterior branch ulnar artery)
23 . Deep branch of ulnar nerve
24 . Muscular branches of ulnar nerve (to opponens digiti minimi muscle)
25 . Opponens digiti minimi muscle (retracted medially)
26 . Deep anterior branch ulnar artery (anomalous origin more distal than usual see 22 above)
27 . Fascia separating hypothenar from interosseous muscles
28 . Left pointer: Deep palmar arch Right pointer: Deep anterior venous arch
29 . Anterior metacarpal artery IV
30 . Interosseous muscles