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Volar aspect of right hand

Digital tendon sheaths

Image #103-6

KEYWORDS: Fascia ligaments and tendons, Hand and fingers.

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Volar aspect of right hand
Digital tendon sheaths
The sheath has been cut away from the fourth finger and the flexor tendons have been elevated slightly.
1 . Deep transverse metacarpal ligament
2 . Ligament of digital sheath
3 . Extensor expansion of third finger
4 . Annular ligament of finger (part of sheath ligament)
5 . Digital cruciate ligament (part of sheath ligament)
6 . Phalanx III (periosteum removed)
7 . Lumbrical muscles
8 . Accessory slip of lumbrical muscle III
9 . Accessory slip of lumbrical muscle IV
10 . Flexor digitorum superficialis (tendon of insertion)
11 . Flexor digitorum profundus muscle (tendon of insertion)