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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Pectoral region and axilla

Left serratus anterior muscle, anterolateral view

Image #91-5

KEYWORDS: Pectoral region, Upper arm.

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Pectoral region and axilla
Left serratus anterior muscle, anterolateral view
The roots (1) of the brachial plexus have been divided and the subclavian vessels (2,3) cut off. The shoulder and arm have been pulled away from the thorax in order to expose the entire extent of the serratus anterior muscle. The axillary artery and infraclavicular part of the brachial plexus have been retracted from their normal positions.
1 . Upper pointer: Middle scalene muscle Lower pointer: Brachial plexus (cut across through roots)
2 . Upper pointer: Subclavian artery Lower pointer: Anterior scalene muscle
3 . Subclavian vein
4 . Rib I
5 . Intercostobrachial nerve (cut off)
6 . External intercostal muscle
7 . Pectoralis minor muscle (area of origin)
8 . Fibers of origin of pectoralis major muscle
9 . Lateral cutaneous branch of intercostal nerve V
10 . Rib V
11 . Slip of origin of external abdominal oblique muscle
12 . Branch of cervical nerve V to serratus anterior muscle
13 . Transverse artery and vein of scapula
14 . Levator muscle of scapula
15 . Clavicle (cut off)
16 . Coracoid process of scapula
17 . Acromion
18 . Joint capsule of humerus
19 . Serratus anterior muscle (upper part)
20 . Long thoracic nerve
21 . Axillary artery (displaced laterally with brachial plexus)
22 . Serratus anterior muscle (middle part)
23 . Body of humerus
24 . Upper pointer: Subscapularis muscle Lower pointer: Subscapular artery
25 . Teres major muscle
26 . Area of insertion of deltoid muscle
27 . Triceps brachii muscle
28 . Latissimus dorsi muscle (detached from origin and retracted upward)
29 . Serratus anterior muscle (lower part)
30 . Brachialis muscle
31 . Biceps brachii muscle
32 . Cephalic vein