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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Pectoral region and axilla

Left axilla (continued); general view of contents; subclavius muscle

Image #90-4

KEYWORDS: Axilla, Lymphatics, Peripheral nervous system.

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Pectoral region and axilla
Left axilla (continued); general view of contents; subclavius muscle
The pectoralis major and minor muscles have cervical been resected. The deltoid muscle has been divided close to its origin (10) and reflected laterally. The subclavius muscle (5) has been exposed by removal of the coracoclavicular fascia. The sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles have been resected and the external layer of cervical fascia removed. Several lymphatic trunks (20) enter the lateral group of axillary lymph nodes (22) from the arm. Some of the axillary nodes have been removed.
1 . Omohyoid muscle (superior belly)
2 . Clavicle
3 . Inferior deep cervical lymph nodes
4 . Subclavian nerve
5 . Subclavius muscle
6 . Anterior lateral thoracic nerve
7 . Rib I (pointer on origin of subclavius muscle)
8 . Anterior medial thoracic nerve
9 . Axillary lymph node
10 . Deltoid muscle (divided at origin)
11 . Coracoid process of scapula
12 . Pectoralis minor muscle (cut off)
13 . Subscapular fascia
14 . Axillary nerve
15 . Coracobrachialis muscle
16 . Musculocutaneous nerve
17 . Axillary artery
18 . Axillary vein
19 . Median nerve
20 . Lymph vessel
21 . Brachial vein
22 . Axillary lymph node (lateral)
23 . Latissimus dorsi muscle