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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Angiogram, left hand of adult male, A-P view

Image #88-7

KEYWORDS: Hand and fingers, Peripheral nervous system.

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Angiogram, left hand of adult male, A-P view
The arteries have been filled with thorotrast. Two variations from the commonly described arrangement of the vessels are to be noted. (A) The a. volaris indicis radialis is absent. A branch of the first dorsal metacarpal artery (3, upper pointer) supplies the area normally reached by this vessel. (B)The superficial volar branch (7) of the radial artery does not enter into the formation of the superficial volar arch (16). This latter situation occurs frequently.
1 . Terminal arch of proper volar digital arteries
2 . Branch of princeps pollicis artery
3 . Dorsal metacarpal arteries I-II
4 . Deep palmar arch
5 . Perforating branches
6 . Dorsal carpal branch radial artery
7 . Superficial anterior branch radial artery
8 . Rete carpi dorsale
9 . Anterior carpal branch radial artery
10 . Radial artery
11 . Anterior interosseous artery
12 . Anterior proper digital arteries
13 . Anterior common digital artery
14 . Anterior metacarpal arteries II-III
15 . Anterior metacarpal artery IV
16 . Superficial palmar arch
17 . Deep anterior branch ulnar artery
18 . Dorsal carpal branch ulnar artery
19 . Ulnar artery
20 . Branch of anterior interosseous artery