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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from its basal aspect

Corpus callosum

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KEYWORDS: Brain, Telencephalon.

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Exploration of the brain from its basal aspect
Corpus callosum
The radiating fibers of the corpus callosum have been exposed by removal of the ependymal lining of the roof of the lateral ventricle. The junction of callosal fibers with those of the internal capsule (4) to form the corona radiata is seen from below.
1 . Medullary substance of inferior frontal gyrus (cut across)
2 . Frontal part of operculum
3 . Radiations of corpus callosum
4 . Fibers of internal capsule at junction with corona radiata
5 . Superior longitudinal fasciculus
6 . Central sulcus (Rolandic)
7 . Superior temporal gyrus (cut across)
8 . Posterior horn lateral ventricle
9 . Collateral fissure
10 . Fusiform gyrus
11 . Straight gyrus
12 . Rostral lamina of corpus callosum
13 . Lamina terminalis
14 . Septum pellucidum
15 . Interventricular foramen
16 . Hypothalamus
17 . Thalamus
18 . Left body of fornix (inferior surface)
19 . Pons
20 . Cerebral peduncle (cut across)