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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Exploration of the brain from its basal aspect

Lamina terminalis

Image #7-7

KEYWORDS: Brain, Diencephalon, Telencephalon.

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Exploration of the brain from its basal aspect
Lamina terminalis
The rostral lamina (8) of the corpus callosum has been cut back to the midline and medial parts of the hemisphere removed to expose the lamina terminalis (9). The lamina terminalis is easily separated from the callosal fibers and it can be seen to extend anteriorly within the septum pellucidum. The longitudinal fibers seen in the previous stage can also be followed forward. The column of the fornix is removed.
1 . Frontal part internal capsule
2 . Superior occipitofrontal fasciculus
3 . Fiber bundles within septum pellucidum
4 . Subcallosal gyrus (pedunculus corporis callosi)
5 . Interventricular foramen (of Monro)
6 . Choroid plexus
7 . Corpus callosum (ventricular surface)
8 . Rostral lamina of corpus callosum (cut across)
9 . Lamina terminalis
10 . Anterior cerebral artery right
11 . Anterior communicating artery
12 . Optic nerve (II)
13 . Anterior commissure (cut across)
14 . Tuber cinereum
15 . Thalamus
16 . Remnant of Fornix (column)
17 . Mamillary body
18 . Oculomotor nerve (III)