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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of pharynx from left lateral approach

Interior of auditory tube

Image #66-5

KEYWORDS: Ear, Pharynx, Throat.

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Dissection of pharynx from left lateral approach
Interior of auditory tube
The levator veli palatini muscle has been partially resected and the auditory tube opened.
1 . Optic nerve (II)
2 . Inferior rectus muscle
3 . Maxillary nerve (V)
4 . Sphenoid sinus
5 . Sphenopalatine ganglion
6 . Internal maxillary artery (cut across near termination)
7 . Maxillary sinus
8 . Mucosa of inferior nasal meatus
9 . Descending palatine artery
10 . Tendon of tensor veli palatini muscle (cut off)
11 . Bursa tensor veli palatini muscle
12 . Dorsum of tongue
13 . Superior pharyngeal constrictor muscle (upper pointer, pterygopharyngeus muscle; lower pointer, buccopharyngeus muscle)
14 . Upper pointer: Internal carotid artery Lower pointer: Oculomotor nerve (III)
15 . Tegmen tympani
16 . Chorda tympani
17 . Promontorium tympani and tympanic plexus
18 . Tensor tympani muscle
19 . Upper pointer: Bony part auditory tube (dark area on medial wall indicates position of carotid canal) Lower pointer: Isthmus auditory tube
20 . Lateral plate I cartilaginous auditory tube
21 . Scaphoid fossa sphenoid bone (site of origin of tensor veli palatini muscle)
22 . Upper pointer: Cartilaginous part auditory tube Lower pointer: Bony pharyngeal auditory tube
23 . Pharyngeal branch ascending pharyngeal artery
24 . Internal jugular vein
25 . Upper pointer: Alar fascia Lower pointer: Internal carotid artery
26 . Upper pointer: Pharyngobasilar fascia Lower pointer: Cut end of levator veli palatini muscle
27 . Styloid process
28 . Glossopharyngeal nerve (IX)
29 . Vagus nerve (X)