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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy


Lateral wall of left nasal fossa dissected

Image #38-2

KEYWORDS: Bones cartilage joints.

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Lateral wall of left nasal fossa dissected
The left middle and superior conchae have been cut away and ethmoidal air cells widely opened. A window has been cut through the inferior concha to reveal the position of the nasal opening of the nasolacrimal canal (24). The specimen is viewed from the right side.
1 . Posterior ethmoidal foramen
2 . Ethmoidal cells (posterior)
3 . Sphenoid sinus left
4 . Line of attachment of superior nasal concha
5 . Superior nasal meatus
6 . Sphenopalatine foramen
7 . Upper pointer: Line of attachment of middle nasal concha Lower pointer: Middle nasal meatus
8 . Maxillary sinus
9 . Ethmoidal process inferior nasal conchae
10 . Medial plate of pterygoid process
11 . Perpendicular part palatine bone
12 . Palatomaxillary suture
13 . Upper pointer: Position of greater palatine foramen Lower pointer: Horizontal plate palatine bone
14 . Upper pointer: Orbital part of frontal bone Lower pointer: Anterior ethmoidal foramen
15 . Frontal sinus
16 . Ethmoidal cells (anterior)
17 . Opening of frontonasal duct into frontal recess of middle nasal meatus
18 . Hiatus semilunaris
19 . Ethmoidal bulla
20 . Ethmoidal infundibulum
21 . Uncinate process ethmoid bone
22 . Lacrimal bone
23 . Lacrimal process inferior nasal conchae
24 . Nasal opening of nasolacrimal canal visible through window cut in inferior concha)
25 . Inferior nasal meatus
26 . Palatine process of maxilla