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Frontal section of brain

Olfactory structures visible in frontal section through anterior perforated substance

Image #32-1

KEYWORDS: Brain, Diencephalon, Telencephalon.

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Frontal section of brain
Olfactory structures visible in frontal section through anterior perforated substance
The plane of section is slightly oblique so that the right side is cut more posteriorly than the left. The view is from behind. The olfactory tracts can be traced posteriorly from the olfactory bulbs into the foreground of the view where the olfactory trigone is visible. The medial olfactory stria is more clearly seen on the left whereas the lateral olfactory stria can be traced on the right side across the anterior perforated substance into the limen insulae. The relations of the medial olfactory stria and the subcallosal gyrus (11) are shown. The anterior cerebral arteries are cut off from their origin from the middle cerebral arteries. The anterior communicating artery is visible and beyond this the two vessels course in the depths of the longitudinal fissure around the genu of the corpus callosum and reappear as cut ends in the upper part of the view.
1 . Longitudinal fissure
2 . Corona radiata
3 . Superior occipitofrontal fasciculus
4 . Head of caudate nucleus
5 . Anterior horn lateral ventricle
6 . Frontal part internal capsule
7 . Putamen
8 . External capsule
9 . Globus pallidus
10 . Inferior occipitofrontal fasciculus and uncinate fasciculus
11 . Subcallosal gyrus
12 . Medial and intermediate stria of olfactory trigone
13 . Middle cerebral artery (within lateral fissure)
14 . Temporal lobe
15 . Cingulate gyrus
16 . Corpus callosum
17 . Claustrum
18 . Septum pellucidum
19 . Stria terminalis
20 . External medullary lamina of lentiform nucleus
21 . Anterior commissure
22 . Lamina terminalis
23 . Lateral olfactory stria and limen insulae
24 . Anterior communicating artery
25 . Straight gyrus and olfactory tract
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