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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Serial transverse sections of the brain stem


Image #31-6

KEYWORDS: Brain, Telencephalon.

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Serial transverse sections of the brain stem
This section, 7 mm. above the previous level, illustrates the anterior limb of the internal capsule as it passes forward between the head of the caudate nucleus and the lentiform nucleus.
1 . Occipital lobe
2 . Cingulate gyrus
3 . Superior occipitofrontal fasciculus
4 . Internal capsule (posterior limb)
5 . Anterior horn lateral ventricle
6 . Septum pellucidum (a few fibers of column of fornix are included)
7 . Insula
8 . Claustrum
9 . External capsule
10 . Head of caudate nucleus
11 . Posterior horn lateral ventricle
12 . Corona radiata
13 . Caudate nucleus (tail)
14 . Stria terminalis
15 . Globus pallidus and external medullary lamina of lentiform nucleus
16 . Putamen
17 . Subcallosal gyrus (peduncles corpus callosum)
18 . Internal capsule (anterior limb)
19 . Longitudinal fissure (cerebral)