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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Serial transverse sections of the brain stem

Junction of mesencephalon and diencephalon.

Image #31-1

KEYWORDS: Brain, Diencephalon, Midbrain, Occipital lobe, Parietal lobe, Pons, Telencephalon.

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Serial transverse sections of the brain stem
Junction of mesencephalon and diencephalon.
The plane of section is 7 mm. above that of the last view and is slightly oblique so that the plane on the left side is higher than the right. The cerebral peduncles (22) are prominent although a fragment of the pons is still present. Fibers of the brachium conjunctivum, after crossing the midline are seen approaching the lower end of the red nucleus (20). The pulvinar of the thalamus is cut and fibers pass from it through the retrolenticular part of the internal capsule (3) toward the cortex of the parietal and occipital lobes.
1 . Calcarine fissure
2 . Caudate nucleus (tail)
3 . Retrolenticular part of internal capsule (posterior stalk of thalamus)
4 . Pulvinar
5 . Superior colliculus
6 . Medial geniculate body and medial lemniscus
7 . Lateral geniculate body
8 . Hippocampal fimbria
9 . Inferior horn of lateral ventricle
10 . Hippocampus
11 . Hippocampal fissure
12 . Hippocampal gyrus
13 . Corpus callosum (splenium)
14 . Central part lateral ventricle
15 . Fornix (crus)
16 . Pineal body
17 . Stratum zonale thalami
18 . Cerebral aqueduct and posterior commissure
19 . Medial longitudinal fasciculus (nucleus of oculomotor nerve lies above pointer)
20 . Red nucleus
21 . Substantia nigra
22 . Cerebral peduncle
23 . Pons
24 . Posterior recess of interpeduncular fossa
25 . Basilar artery
26 . Straight gyrus