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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column

Lumbar region.

Image #221-1

KEYWORDS: Lumbar region, Muscles and tendons, Vertebral column, Overview.

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Dissection of anterior aspect of vertebral column
Lumbar region.
Parts of the lumbar vertebrae and the body of the sacrum have been cut away to expose the lower end of the dural sac. The entire iliopsoas muscle has been uncovered by removing surrounding soft tissues.
1 . Medial diaphragmatic arcuate ligament (medial lumbar arch)
2 . Sympathetic trunk
3 . Psoas major muscle
4 . Body of vertebra L. V (cut in saggital plane)
5 . Iliac crest
6 . Iliacus muscle
7 . Greater trochanter of femur
8 . Minor trochanter
9 . Anterior longitudinal ligament (joined above this level by right crus of diaphragm which has been cut off)
10 . Dura mater (lying within vertebral canal)
11 . Femoral nerve
12 . Sacrum
13 . Lumbosacral trunk
14 . Piriform muscle
15 . Pubic bone
16 . Obturator externus muscle