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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of female pelvis from a lateral approach

Rectum viewed from right side

Image #161-6

KEYWORDS: Anal canal, Large intestine, Muscles and tendons.

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Dissection of female pelvis from a lateral approach
Rectum viewed from right side
The peritoneal covering of the rectum (16) has been elevated. The uterus, vagina and bladder have been pulled anteriorly. The fascia of the rectum has been removed to expose the longitudinal layer of muscle of the rectal wall. Note the fluted infolding of this layer at the site of the lowest transverse rectal fold (5).
1 . Coccyx
2 . Coccygeus muscle
3 . Parietal pelvic fascia
4 . Rectum
5 . Transverse fold of rectum (external aspect)
6 . Superior branches rectal artery
7 . Superior fascia of pelvic diaphragm
8 . Pubococcygeus muscle (cut across)
9 . External anal sphincter muscle (divided)
10 . Puborectalis muscle (cut off near junction with wall of anal canal)
11 . Anus
12 . Anal canal
13 . Perineal flexure of rectum
14 . Central tendon of perineum
15 . Vestibule of vagina
16 . Parietal peritoneum (reflected from anterior wall of rectum)
17 . Rectouterine fold
18 . Ovary
19 . Uterus
20 . Uterovesical pouch (pointer on reflection of peritoneum from uterus to wall of bladder)
21 . Urinary bladder
22 . Upper pointer: Vesicovaginal septum Lower pointer: Vagina
23 . Pubic symphysis
24 . Urethra
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