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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of stomach

Interior of stomach, anterior view

Image #142-6

KEYWORDS: Stomach.

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Dissection of stomach
Interior of stomach, anterior view
The anterior half of the stomach has been cut away.
1 . Margin of esophageal hiatus
2 . Caudate lobe of liver
3 . Proper hepatic artery (note hepatic plexus of nerves accompanying artery)
4 . Upper pointer: Portal vein Lower pointer: Common bile duct
5 . Body of pancreas
6 . Superior part of duodenum
7 . Descending part of duodenum
8 . Esophagus (left pointer, thoracic part; right pointer, abdominal part)
9 . Cardiac opening
10 . Fundus of stomach
11 . Spleen
12 . Muscular layer of stomach
13 . Gastric fold (lower part of this fold was removed in sectioning gastric wall)
14 . Canal of stomach
15 . Upper pointer: Muscular layer (circular fibers) Lower pointer: Submucosa of stomach
16 . Tail of pancreas
17 . Gastric fold
18 . Kidney (covered by renal fascia)
19 . Pyloric antrum
20 . Pyloric canal
21 . Upper pointer: Pyloric sphincter muscle Lower pointer: Pyloric opening
22 . Head of pancreas