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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Dissection of mediastinum and paravertebral structures

Mediastinal contents viewed from right side

Image #126-4

KEYWORDS: Mediastinum, Pericardial sac, Pleura.

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Dissection of mediastinum and paravertebral structures
Mediastinal contents viewed from right side
The pleura which covered the right side of the mediastinum and the paravertebral area has been removed from the specimen shown in the preceding view. The pericardial cavity has been opened. The endothoracic fascia has been cleared away.
1 . Thoracic ganglion
2 . Longus colli muscle
3 . Rib IV (cut off)
4 . Costal pleura
5 . Cardiac thoracic nerve
6 . Upper pointer: Right superior intercostal vein Lower pointer: Azygos vein (pointer indicates location of a valve within vein)
7 . Right main bronchus
8 . Branch right pulmonary artery (filled with blue latex)
9 . Right pulmonary veins (filled with red latex)
10 . Ligamentum capitis costae radiatum
11 . Upper pointer: Ramus communicans Lower pointer: Thoracic ganglion
12 . Greater splanchnic nerve (two strands indicated by pointers join at a lower level)
13 . Posterior intercostal artery and vein
14 . Anterior longitudinal ligament
15 . Sympathetic trunk
16 . Diaphragm
17 . Subclavius muscle
18 . Brachial plexus (pointer indicates one of several components)
19 . Right subclavian artery and vein
20 . Clavicular part pectoralis major muscle (cut off at origin)
21 . Rib I (periosteum removed)
22 . Left pointer: Right vagus nerve Right pointer: Right brachiocephalic vein
23 . Trachea
24 . Inferior cardiac branch of vagus nerve
25 . Internal thoracic artery and vein
26 . Right phrenic nerve
27 . Pericardiacophrenic artery (cut off)
28 . Superior vena cava
29 . Fascia covering thymus
30 . Pericardial cavity
31 . Musculophrenic artery and vein
32 . Sternocostal part pectoralis major muscle (cut off)
33 . Right atrium
34 . Pericardium (cut margins)
35 . Esophagus
36 . Vagus nerve right (note filaments of esophageal plexus above pointer)
37 . Inferior vena cava (covered by pericardium)