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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Joints of right wrist and hand

Capsules and ligaments, lateral view

Image #110-2

KEYWORDS: Fascia ligaments and tendons, Hand and fingers, Muscles and tendons, Wrist.

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Joints of right wrist and hand
Capsules and ligaments, lateral view
1 . Metacarpal III
2 . Metacarpal II
3 . Metacarpophalangeal joint capsule
4 . Extensor carpi radialis brevis muscle (insertion)
5 . Extensor carpi radialis longus muscle (insertion)
6 . Trapezoid bone
7 . Dorsal carpal joint ligament
8 . Dorsal radiocarpal ligament
9 . Scaphoid bone
10 . Dorsal tubercle of radius
11 . Radius
12 . Styloid process of radius
13 . Flexor carpi ulnaris muscle (tendon of insertion in background of view)
14 . Pisiform bone (in background)
15 . Collateral carpi radial ligament
16 . Position of tubercle of trapezium bone
17 . Upper pointer: Carpometacarpal joint capsule of thumb (pointer on radial ligament) Lower pointer: Tubercle of trapezium bone
18 . Posterior oblique ligament of carpometacarpal joint of thumb
19 . Abductor pollicis longus muscle (tendon of insertion)
20 . Metacarpal I