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Bassett Collection of Stereoscopic Images of Human Anatomy

Pectoral region and axilla

Superficial structures of left arm and thorax, anterior view

Image #89-1

KEYWORDS: Axilla, Fascia ligaments and tendons, Neuralnetwork, Pectoral region, Peripheral nervous system, Upper arm, Overview.

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Pectoral region and axilla
Superficial structures of left arm and thorax, anterior view
The skin, subcutaneous tissue and platysma muscle have been removed. The deep fascia remains in place. Superficial nerves and vessels have been preserved.
1 . Sternocleidomastoid muscle
2 . Clavicle (covered by fascia)
3 . Clavicular part pectoralis major muscle
4 . Anterior supraclavicular nerve
5 . Position of sternal angle
6 . Mammary branch internal mammary artery
7 . Anterior pectoral cutaneous branches intercostal nerves
8 . Sternocostal part pectoralis major muscle (covered by pectoral fascia)
9 . Sheath of rectus abdominis muscle
10 . Posterior supraclavicular nerve
11 . Deltoid muscle (covered by fascia)
12 . Deltopectoral triangle
13 . Middle supraclavicular nerves
14 . Branch of lateral brachial cutaneous nerve
15 . Axilla
16 . Cephalic vein
17 . Lateral thoracic artery and thoracoepigastric vein
18 . Triceps brachii muscle (covered by brachial fascia)
19 . Branches of dorsal antebrachial cutaneous nerve
20 . Biceps brachii muscle (covered by brachial fascia)
21 . Serratus anterior muscle (covered by fascia)
22 . Lateral cutaneous branches of intercostal nerves